Canuk in the Twin Cities.

a Shout Out to fellow Uni Riders in the Mid West!

I will be visiting the Twin cities in MN from October 9th to the 14th and will have my unicycle in tow. If there is anyone in the twin cities that wants to get together and ride or just drink beer please drop me a line.

As well, i will be carrying copies of “The SPACED OUT DVD” a unicycle by fim by Jeff Groves featuring some of the best monowheeled riding talent the north east coast scene has to offer. Prepare your self for a killer soundrack of funky beats laced with great bonus features and a series of real slick visuals!

**this is the current UnRated version **

Production is still waiting on the US censors to give it the official NC-17 rating for including some peppering of colorful language durring one of the final tracks and (plus 3 seconds) of a topless Ryan Atkins in one of the bonus scenes, very cheeky indeed.

If you want to buy a copy of this UnRated version of SPACED OUT contact me so i will know how many i should bring with me.

my email is: iWasCuredCrew(at)HotMail(dot)Com

or just post replies here. see you in Minnisota, hope its not too cold!


Last Call, Canadian in the TWIN CITIES THIS WEEKEND!

I will be in the Twin cities from October 9th to the 14th, bringing my unicycle and copies of the Spaced Out DVD if anyone in that hood wants to save on shipping can pick up a copy from me since I’m attending a TCUC practice or two while I’m there.
So far i am bringing only 5 copies with me since i have only had two people contact me to request copies of the DVD. As well i dont want to arouse suspision with the US home land security officers that i might be smuggling and peddling unicycle contraband into the country.

As well if any fellow riders want to meet for a ride or a Beer and a ride that would be outstanding. Drop me a line if you are interested in either proposition.

On a side note does anyone know where to get the ironcross silver on black “twinCities unicyles” t-shirts?

Watch out man, do not use the following Canadian essentials:


pop (they call it soda!)

Hello there,
My name is Jamey and I’m part of the Twin Cities Unicycle Club and will more than likely see you at one of the practices if you go. What kind of riding do you do? Muni? Freestyle? Distance? I do everything but long distance and would be willing to go on a Muni ride if you’re into that. You can email me at or even call me on my cell at 612-240-8786 when you get into town and we can arrange something, if not a ride for sure a beer or two! Also, how old are you? Not that it matters, just curious. I’m 25.

Also, I might be interested in a video. Is there a chance I could preview it first to see weather or not I’d want to buy it? Where will you be staying when you’re here, like city and place?

Alright, well guess I’ll see ya in a couple of days. Bring your jacket cause it’s been pretty chilly here lately!

I’m glad you learned your lesson!

We call it pop here.

Originally posted by tuna6869
Hello there,
What kind of riding do you do? Muni? Freestyle? Distance?

lots of distance on a 26 usually. im really only a level two rider with little muni experience. i will probably bring my 20" trials uni fro the trip cause its little and will fly well.

something, if not a ride for sure a beer or two! Also, how old are you? Not that it matters, just curious. I’m 25.

27, and if we cant ride a beer would be fantastic!

will you be staying when you’re here, like city and place?

i will be staying with my girlfriend’s Family they live in Lino Lakes.

im not sure i will be able to preview it anywere but its the much controversial “Spaced Out” video, im not sure where the trailer is but the video is 22 minutes in length not including the bonus features it costs $14 USD.

just look for the tattooed newcommer to the club.

Hey Brian i just checked with my Grilfriend, she lives in MN and was born in NJ. she says its called POP in MN and on the east coast states like NJ its SODA

oh and tuna6869 the link for the trialer is THIS!

Right on! How about ‘eh’?

Today’s ‘eh’ practice, repeat after me:

C-eh-N-eh-D-eh and that’s how we spell Canada, eh?

In case you were wondering; The name Canada derives from the Huron-Iroquois word Kanata, which means village or settlement.

Every once in a while CBC (our ‘national government’ channel) has these funny commercials to help inspire national heritage and pride. One of them covers the word Canada. It’s really funny cause there’s the native american (native canadian) saying “Kanata huh! Kanata huh!” And it sounds really funny the way he says it.

“Kanata huh!”

And don’t ask for a bag for the small stuff at 7-11, it’s a ‘sack’.

T-shirts? That’s me.

Hey, I’m the one that made the black Iron Cross TwinCities Unicycle club T-shirts!

I even have some left.
I’ll send you a PM.

Perhaps someone can reccomend what TCUC practice is best to drop in on? what night of the week i mean. i am there from saturday night till thursday night.

TCUC Practices

Well, here’s the practices we have when you’ll be here;

Monday, October 11: Class, ShowGroup, Hockey at JennyLind (NE minneapolis)
ShowGroup: 6-7:45 (limited to ShowGroup members only)
Hockey: 7:45 - 8:45

This one is only good if you want to watch ShowGroup practice (they do some cool stuff) or if you want to play unicycle hockey which is lots of fun. Do you play or have you played? As long as you can ride with a hockey stick that’s all you need to be able to do. There’s very experienced players and beginners so you might want to give it a try.

Tuesday, October 12: Class & Practice at Washington
Class: 7-8 – This is our first session of this class so extra help
is needed. Club policy is to allow members to continue practicing
in the gym but to ensure that the people in the class have priority
on the space and club unicycles.
Practice: 6-9

This would be a good one to practice. From 6-7 and 8-9 you can practice as much as you want and from 7-8 there is a class but you could still ride and practice.

Another thing going on Tuesday is at 3:45pm a bunch of us meet at Locke Park in Fridley and go for a Muni ride. It’s a pretty cool trail we have there and would be worth checking it out if you have the time.

Wednesday, October 13: Practice at Prosperity 6-8:30

This is a small practice area and usually pretty full, but still worth going if the others don’t work out for you.

Thursday, October 14: Class & Practice at Wilshire
Practice: 4:30 - 9

A decent place to practice with lots of time.

Here are the directions to some of the places:
Jenny Lind: Minneapolis. Located on DuPont between 49th
and 50th Ave, three blocks off of 94 (the 49th and 53rd exit)
Washington Middle School: St Paul. 1041 Marion St. A few blocks west
of Rice St, between Cook and Lawson. Approx 1 mi north of Hwy 94.
Enter double doors on west side of bldg (Galtier St).
Prosperity Recreation Center: St Paul (east side). Two blocks
west of White Bear Ave and halfway between Hwy 36 and 94
From White Bear Ave, go west on Cottage Ave for two blocks
to Kennard St.
Wilshire: St Anthony. On the south side of County Rd D about
one mile west of 35W

OK, so there you have it. So pick what works for you. We could also go do some trials type rides somewhere sometime, drink some beer, and/or watch some unicycle videos (Connie Cotter whom I live with right now has like 100+ unicycle videos so there are plenty to choose from).

Catch ya later.

Re: TCUC Practices

he only knows how to play hockey if the puck is on fire. :slight_smile:

You should hear how our Governor pronounces the name of our state: “Cally-phone-eee-ya.”

We call it soda.

Thanks Jamey for that great list of practice dates and details. Makes me wish I could be there that week…

Hehe… and I always thought it was california. :wink:

In addition to what Jamey mentioned, a couple practices have been added since there are two out of town guests (Rocket and Philip) that will be in-town this weekend. Details at

That’s a typical week here in MN. All are welcome, and I do have room in my home for any unicyclists who need a place to stay. :slight_smile:

Thank you all again for your hospitality! Uni people are some of the nicest in the world anywhere you go!

I will be joing the group for a distance ride on sunday. and will be either at the practice monday night or wedsday night… still up in the air on that one.

last call for requests for me to bring copies of “Spaced Out a unicycle film by Jeff Groves

Two copies are already spoken for, i will bring 5 for now & more if there is a call for it.

See ya’ll on Sunday! Don’t be afraid to introduce our selfs i’m the Friendly Short Tattooed Guy with a Canadian accent. :slight_smile:

Safe travels and see ya sometime in the near future!