Can we hold a nuts in Preston or Chorley

I know that the november nuts is at york, but i cant make it because im only 15 and have strict parents:( . The only places i can probably make it to are Preston or Chorley, maybe Blackpool. So i was just wandering can we organise a nuts meeting in Preston or Chorley maybe Blackpool sometime please :D. Because i really want to meet up with some other riders and ride at a Nuts. Thanks, any replys will be appreciated.

Hey, sure we can mate! I believe it might be abit more handy for Cathy Wood too!?

After NUTS - York, I personally dont think I’ll be able to do much until February (what with Christmas, then going to Wunschkonzert in January…) but the next NUTS we organise, we sure will make it attendable for you.


thanks thats brilliant. I look forward to riding with you all sometime.

Blackpool’d be a proper laugh. I can’t go to Blackpool and not have something odd happen there. Last time I was there I got into a debate with a BNP member which ended with me having to run away quite quickly.

hahaha thats cool, blackpool seafront would be quite good with all the piers and rocks and stuff. Preston has alot of good stuff and alot of good hills in avenham park.

If its held in Blackpool, Preston or Chorley i can come, i have confirmed it with my parents. So ill see you all there, ill have my new nimbus isis then aswell. This is going to be ace :smiley:

Sorry about the double post but if there is anyone around the preston chorley area that wants to session sometime because NUTS in this area wont be until about february, we could probably organise something PM me if anyone wants to meet up and session sometime. I know Dale Dale lives in chorley aswell so he would probably come. thanks. Cant wait to ride at NUTS.

i might be able to make it if it is Chorley area.