Can I change the wheel on this Nimbus?


I found this on ebay:
(24" Nimbus II freestyle)

I’m wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to swap the 1.95" wheel for a thicker one, i.e. 2.5"?

Also wondering whether this model is good for me. I’ve been doing this for three weeks and loving it, but the cheap and cheerful 20" I’m riding is a bit of a drag for going fast or covering distance, and I don’t think its going to withstand the abuse I intend to put it through in the following months :smiley:

Here’s my criteria:

  • I cover some distance around town, and can do that on my 20" but want to go faster,
  • I want to do some trials, i.e. jumping on and off tall things, in urban as well as off-road environments
  • I want to take it out for muni every so often.
  • Not really interested in crank flips and other tricks, just riding and jumping.
  • I’m about 5’8 (170cm)

Any suggestions welcome, cheers.

not easily, you would have to buy a new frame for the new wheel, and from there you’re basically buying a new unicycle…
I reccomend a nimbus 24" muni for you :slight_smile:

That frame should fit a 2.5 tire. The rim, cranks, and hub probably won’t last for repeated big drops, though.

Slightly conflicting views on the wheel :slight_smile: but hey.

I was going to go for nimbus muni 24, but stumbled on this one for cheap so I thought I’d ask… Seems the nimbus muni would be better for me.

Is there any difference between the 2008 and 2009 versions for these things or is that all marketing?

I was thinking the rim wouldn’t fit the tyre, the frame will have enough clearance BUT if you want an ISIS (strong) wheel, you would have to change the frame, they use different bearings. :slight_smile:
there is nothing wrong with the 2008, if it’s cheaper go for that one, you won’t break it :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, thanks.
Hope your nuts are better after that video you put up on youtube… :astonished:

I have one of these. The frame barely fits a 2.4" CST Cyclops (photo in this thread).

Also, I use my Club 24" for easy riding around the neighborhood and wouldn’t expect the single wall rim and square taper hub/cranks to stand up to a ton of abuse.

Wow, there’s not much clearance at all… get a chewing gum stuck on that wheel and you’d get a flat nose!

haha, much better thanks!
you might want to consider what type of riding you really want to do, and what you have access to.
I thought i’d ride my muni loads, its been ridden properly twice :frowning:
My trials has been more than worth the money spent on it though! great investment, just saying, consider what you REALLY want out of unicycling :slight_smile:

Wise words Ali…
I can reach some off-road trails, and definitely want to do that at some point, but granted I will be spending most of my time on concrete.
Still I’m set on 24" and need something sturdy, so a muni it is…

Can I easily put a road tyre on a nimbus muni 24, or do I need to change the wheel too?

the unicycle in the ebay picture looks more like it is a 20"…

and yes, you can swap, but not very much bigger. a 2.5 “bike” tire should work, but not a 2.5 trials/mountain tire. if that makes sense.

Riding and jumping with occasional muni, wanting to jump on and off tall things, sounds like you would be better off with a trials uni!
But yeah, once you start hopping and stuff, the 24" will be holding you back quite a bit.
This may be me being a trials rider trying to recruit though… :wink:
But yeah, trials!

new tyre, isis hub&cranks, kh 40mm bearings and a decent wheel build/ There you have a muni without having to buy new frame ans shiz :slight_smile:

I think there were some problems with those shimmed bearings?
You really do want a decent uni, the club won’t be much better than your current 20" :slight_smile:

They are not shimmed, they are non isis bearings which fit isis hubs.

Right, I figured I’m probably going to muni far less than I would hope for, and will mostly be riding around town, so should opt for a smooth tyre, lighter frame, and stick to 24".
I think it will take some time to work up to the kind of jumps and drops that I see on youtube, so I don’t need an ‘indestructible’ unicycle, just a relatively sturdy one…

I found this freestyle Nimbus II.

I know that freestyles are not touted as being durable, but this one seems to have an impressive spec…

  • CrMO axle Nimbus ISIS hub
  • box-section, aluminium rim, 48 spokes
  • 125mm lightweight Aluminium alloy Nimbus freestyle ISIS cranks.
  • Massive Hookworm, 2 ply downhill, 24x2.5" tyre

It’s also £50 cheaper than the 24 nimbus muni, and almost 1Kg lighter.

Worse comes to worse, it seems a good starting point from which I can upgrade…

I think I might just have to get this and put it through its paces…


Stabiliser, so you are planning to just ride around town?
That would be a good starting point, but upgrading the rim could be awkward, as it’s 48h instead of the standard 36h
That is a good, fairly strong unicycle though, and i doubt you’d break it for quite a while :slight_smile:

I think I better go ahead and buy the thing, then write a review as I don’t think there is one for this exact model - instead of abusing the “product reviews” category for a “help me find the right unicycle for me, me, me” thread :wink:

@ Ali: there’s a couple of 24", 48 spoke rims on, including the Halo ‘Combat’ Rim, so I’ll hopefully be ok when the time comes to upgrade/replace…

Thanks to all for the advice.

Now… can I get them to change the colour? hmm…

Decision is the best cure to indecision…

I eventually went for the Nimbus 24" muni along with a 2.5" hookworm tyre.

I think this represents a good choice given that I mainly want to cycle around town and do a few jumps along the way, with the added bonus that I can take it off-road by swapping the tyre back to its original :slight_smile:

I placed the order today, so I’ll just have to wait and see if it fits the bill…

Good choice. The hookworm will even handle dry, hard packed trails pretty well. If you get into riding off-road more and don’t want to have to keep swapping the tire back and forth, the Felt Berm Master is good compromise for mixed pavement and trail riding.