CST Cyclops

I recently put a CST Cyclops 24x2.4 on my UDC Club 24". CST (Cheng Shin Tire) is the company behind Maxxis and this tire is basically a $12 version of the Maxxis Hookworm with small differences in the size and tread.

My Club 24" unicycle has the stock 127mm cranks and is used for short rides around the neighborhood. With the Cyclops mounted there is virtually no clearance at the top of my frame, but it doesn’t rub. If the tire stretches at all after being aired up for a while it will probably start to rub.

This tire is a blast for cruising around. I’ve never ridden a Hookworm but I imagine it’s similar - just a fast, smooth, stable ride. The sidewalls are extremely thin but even at 20 PSI it rides and turns very smoothly. At 40 PSI it is really zippy and I can still hop curbs without trouble.

If you’re using a Hookworm for street tricks it maybe better to stick with the more expensive tire, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive, wide, stable tire for cruising around the Cyclops is great.

CST tires are usually great value for the money generally with good construction and hard long wearing rubber.

Based on your description I would not say that the tire is equivelent to a hookworm. Hookworms have the tread wrap all the way around the tire efectively giving them a really thick sidewall making a heavy but really stable and bombproof tire.

Your Cyclops probably wins in the weight catagory so would be suitable for those who want a lighter tire than a hookworm on their unicycle.

P.S. If your unicycle has pressed bearing holders you can add a piece of plastic from a icecream pail etc to shim up your frame if the tire does start to rub.

Thanks, Sask, for both the correction on the Hookworm and the tip for the shims.

Dude, there is barely any clearance between your tire and frame!

Yeah, it’s sweet. The unicycle came with a 1.95 tire and going to the 2.4 added almost an inch to the diameter of the wheel.

CST (Cheng Shin Tire) tires are nice. Had them as OEM on my Cannondale F3 Caffeine, but wore them out after bringing my bike to China and tried to replace them but it wasn’t so easy. CST tires are all over on the cars, trucks and buses here in China. It seems their tires for sporting equipment are solely made for export though.

CST tires are often relabeled. For road bike tires, look for any brand that looks like old Michelin Pro Race, you’ll find CST molded in the sidewall.

I did the same with a Schwalbe Crazy Bob 24x 2.35 (actual width = 2.45)
It has 5mm side clearance, and 4mm at the crown.
Your 2.4 CST could be 2.5 actual.

The ride is smooth with the bigger tyre.
Apparently the club 24" will accept a 2.6 Halo Ception knobbly.
That tyre will be a tight squeeze.