To anyone with a camera i wanna know what kind is it, what can it do and how much was it. I’m looking for one and don’t know what’s out there. Any responses are much welcome.

Thanks in advance

Search the net, and go to as many electrical appliance shops as possible, there are loads of cameras that may suit some people but not others. So go for the objective, not subjective approach!

Just curious, Am I correct to assume that you’re looking for a digital camera? Either way, you might get more response if you specify.

I did a lot of searching and comparing before selecting the Canon Powershot A80. The choices can be overwhelming…decide what level of megapixels you want and what features are really important to you, then optimize around those. For me, it was non-proprietary batteries (i.e. regular AA), and macro capabilities for extreme close up. There were other features, but those were at the top of the list for me. You will have your own choices.

Overall, J&R had consistently the best prices, even better than Costco.

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>To anyone with a camera i wanna know what kind is it

This question belongs in Just Conversation. Visit <>.
There are a few more such sites but I like this one best.

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dpreview is very good, and also Both have very long reviews.

How about my camera, a Casio QV-4000? It’s for sale. 4.13 megapixel, 3x zoom, manual control, best shot feature (soft focus and other effects in-camera). You may have seen some of my pictures, though they are usually never displayed at their full size of 2240 x 1680 pixels.

I’m replacing it with a Casio EX-P600. Smaller, lighter, no stupid lens cap, 6 megapixel, 4x zoom, more manual controls.

Anyway, if you have a more specific idea of what you’re looking for I can probably help, because I did extensive research to find my replacement camera. It’s not a Casio thing, by any means. It took me a while before I came back around to that one.

My requirements were a combination of smaller size (than the QV-4000), more zoom, faster startup and shutdown speeds, good optics, and no lens cap.

If you need more than 3x zoom, it cuts down the choices quite a bit.

So let us know what you need. Price? Zoom? Amount of features? Speed? Battery or memory type?

When ready to buy, be careful. Don’t get sucked in by sellers offering prices way below the prices of the larger retailers. Though many are perfectly legit, there are a lot of bad businesses out there who will try to bait and switch you. They will start by claiming stuff is in stock when it often isn’t, especially in the case of something like my camera, which is just hitting the US market. I tried two of these smaller vendors, by calling them on the phone. When asked how many of my cameras they had in stock, one said “one or two” and the other one said “one.” No thanks. Though I could have gotten mine for up to $50 less, in the end I ordered it from Amazon, who always does a great job.

Oh, and to establish us as on-topic, I’ll mention how my new camera will be much easier to bring with me when I ride.

So are you selling your camera? How much? I’ve done some research to, so I know most of what everything is. Your camera sounds good. Reply if you’re selling.


Sorry folks, I know this thread is off-topic.

But yes, my camera is for sale. My unicycle camera. Used for taking thousands of pictures of unicyclists, including the one at left. There. Back on topic?

It’s a Casio QV-4000. Please don’t ask me basic questions about it. Look it up on a camera site. Here’s two good ones:

$300 US (plus shipping) including batteries and 512MB SanDisk Ultra II card.

If you are interested, please send questions, to the email address below. I will not necessarily be reading this thread.

If shopping for a different camera for unicycle photos :slight_smile: , feel free to reply here.