calling john foss

yeah, so if I am going to Moab with you guys, in the van of incredible fun. when will you guys be leaving? are you going to be riding on sunday? thanks!!

-Jonathan Ware-


I was out of town last week. To contact me directly, use the email address I provide at the bottom of each post. Sometimes I go for a while without reading the forums, and they should only be for messages aimed at the larger group.

We are arriving in Moab on Friday March 28, shooting for noon at the latest. We will return to SLC in the rental vehicles (at least the first one) on or about 10:30 on Monday March 31. This will allow time for flights leaving at about 12:15pm or later

The plan for us is to be there on Sunday, though there may be some sightseeing during the weekend and not pure riding. I’m all for a side trip to Arches!

Please read the other newsgroup threads on the Moab topic (search on “Moab”) for more details. Make sure to check out Rolf Thompsons’s Web site as well.