Calling All Street Riders Who Know Lots Of Tricks!

i need to learn a few tricks but don’t know what to learn-i tried unispins but got tipped off i should learn that trick where you take the seat out in front and jump off the pedals, flick out and in your legs, and land on the pedals- how should i learn this?

Well hold the handdle of you seat. Jump and at the same time kick your legs out. Then land back on the unicycle. That should put you on your way to learning to unispin.

where on the seat etc

where on the seat? do you mean the jumping handile? and also, should i push down while i jump?

Tricks are for magicians. Skills are for Unicyclists.

[THREAD=57447]This seems to be a decent Uni-Spin thread.[/THREAD] Found it several pages down the search list.

Can anyone link to the tutorials for unima?

here you go

Kinda confused on what you are asking here.

If you are interested in learning unipins than check out this thread :

Honestly man, the best way to learn tricks is watch videos, and go out and practice practice practice. Tricks come in time, some of them just take trial and error. There is no exact science and order to learning tricks, its whatever works for you. Start with something simple and before you know it you will have a ton of tricks in your bag.

Edit: Looks like I got beat to the linkage. :wink:

Skills are for Surgeons. I believe Unicyclists use the Force.

what mean

how should i learn to jump off pedals and flicks legs out and back then land- thts what im asking

By doing it, you gotta try. Go give it a shot. Wear shin guards.

thanks everyone! i’ll go try tommorrow

i would try today but some kid gave me an ?iron horse?- or when you get hit and muscle tenses up- hurts like mad:D

React with your Unicycle and hit him where he hit you.

i almost put it in mine.

no footers are a good step to unispins, but unispin mounts are better.

I’ve had my uni hit me like that, you warm the mussels up.