California MUni Weekend T-shirts

Hey riders, looking for your input on T-shirts! I asked earlier if anyone had design ideas, but we’re mostly past that now. We need to order our shirts so they can be delivered and printed in time. One possible design is a modification of this one, offered by artist Cody Acevedo:

We would change the text and take off the Porland map. Like it?

But we need to choose colors. I’d especially like to hear from people who’ve already registered and orderd their shirts, as they’re more committed than the rest of you.

BTW, you can order T-shirts or sweatshirts without coming to MUni Weekend. $18.00 for U.S. orders, or $15 if a MUni Weekend attendee can bring it to you. Otherwise $3 for shipping by Priority Mail. For people outside the U.S. send me an email and I’ll give you a price. Remember to specify size.

So we need a shirt color and ink color(s). It’ll have to be dark ink on light shirt (not reverse) for that design to look best.

I like the perspective of the rider and the big muni tire but it’s a little wierd that the rider is without a face. I also think the sketching might look a little busy on a shirt and I’m not real big on that overdone banner. Matbe use the rider with some other creative text or simplify the banner. Just being critical here, I’m buying regardless. :slight_smile: Thanks for asking.

Oh, and any shirt color but brown. No Brown. The lighter earth tones always look pretty cool.


Okay no brown. I just got two brown T-shirts and that’s plenty for a while. One is the German Team Unicon shirt, with a very cool picture on the back!

More color suggestions?

I am kind of confused about what the person is doing, is he just kind of standing over the uni or is that supposed to be a sif hop while holding the neck/seatpost with a very small seat?

It just a cool stylized flair.

Re: California MUni Weekend T-shirts

On Sun, 27 Aug 2006 00:41:21 -0500, johnfoss wrote:

>Okay no brown. I just got two brown T-shirts and that’s plenty for a

Hey but you lost one brown T-shirt too. :slight_smile:

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I like the graphic… faceless is cool. If the sketching comes out in print, cool. I liked the muted earth tones from last year’s CMW… if anything, the “muted” concept in general… no bright, bold colors. I’m riding a unicycle already, I don’t need my T-shirt to stand out, too. :slight_smile: