California Muni Weekend Dates and Location

Howdy All,

Well I’ve been avoiding the forums for a while now but heard there were some recent ramblings about Cal Muni Weekend.

The dates for this year will be Friday October 14th, Saturday October 15th, and Sunday October 16th.

Those of us responsible for organizing need to meet one more time before we put the basics up on the new web site which will eventually be here:


I will do my best responding to posts on this site and to my contact info but I will be slow until around May 15th when school is out. After that, you can then expect to see the info flowing more steadily.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who is fairly sure they are coming this year and has a high capacity vehicle that they might be willing to use to help shuttle people to the tops of the trails, please contact me at . We are trying to keep the costs down to a minimum and not having to rent shuttle vehicles would be a huge help.

More info soon!


Matt’s alive! Welcome back. I know you guys are working hard to get the muni weekend planned, in addition to your busy schedules. I know it will be a great one and I am looking forward to it.

If you don’t end up with enough large vehicles, maybe some of us who are flying in and renting cars anyway could rent vans and the group could contribute the difference. Just a thought.
And thanks for doing what you can to keep the costs down.


I’ll be there with my 7-passenger Sienna. I’m sure we’ll be able to round up quite a bit of extra passenger space, but I"m not familiar with the logistics of the area so I don’t know if it’s a huge amount of driving to do the shuttle. Somebody mentioned 45 minutes.

Also, I can’t speak for Lloyd Johson, but he has a 10+ passenger van, which we used at MUni Weekend last fall and also at Moab. If he’s there he might be bringing that, or be willing to if we help him out on gas.

Until you know more about registration numbers and who’s driving what, I wouldn’t plan on renting anything more than one big van.

Please keep me posted on the web site and other info. I will put up a page on the “official web site of CA MUni Weekend,” and link it to yours as soon as it’s available!

Thanks for the heads up on the vans. Renting the vans is a catch 22. How many vans do you get if you don’t know how many people are coming and how much do you charge if you don’t know how many vans to get?

I will definitely keep you up to date on everything. After this next meeting I should have plenty of info to dump on everyone. Should I put you on the internal mailing list or are you mailing listed up to your neck already? I started to add you, but I didn’t want to be a spammer.

BTW does anyone have the total count on moab this year?


[/b]Zero. Research the van(s), and be prepared to rent if attendance justifies it. Again I don’t know the logistics, but if it’s too far of a haul for the driverss to shuttle back afterward, it’s something new for me.

Unicyclists, from an event registration point of view, tend to be poor. More accurately, they tend to be broke. The ones who won’t have vehicles also won’t be able to share in the cost of a rental van. Catch-22, as you said.

So my gut reaction is that people will glom together and we will squeeze into the vehicles we have. Rolf was saying something about this at Moab, how it always works out, because it has to. People figure it out. So unless you have a really crazy amount of shuttle time involved, you may not need to rent anything. Instead, I’d encourage people to bring multi-passenger vehicles, or rent them at the airport. Then passengers should be encouraged to chip in for gas (or rental cost). I think it will work out fine.

If it’s a huge round trip, something like Downieville, there is the possibility of renting a big bus, with driver. Big enough for everybody. Then everybody pays a percentage of that in the registration fee. Again you need to know how many riders of course, which you will never know before the day-of. But this can work for the people who plan ahead, and the late-comers can arrange their own ride-shares.

I believe I read in one of the other threads that it came out to 157. Surely a lofty goal for California MUni Weekend to attempt! Note: A key learning from this year’s Moab Fest; 100+ people on a trail cannot ride “togther.” We couldn’t stay together for even five minutes. Even if we tried, it would have been pretty messy, and that’s on the wide-open slickrock. So though shooting for the record is laudable, it will definitely make your logistics more complicated!

Ah believe me not shooting for any number goals here. We just want a smooth event! We could do 150 but I think less than that would be more comfortable for the riders and our sanity. These are serious trails people! The problem at the top lies in the small amount of parking, remoteness of area, and cost per vehicle (adventure pass). Like you said all this can be worked out.

Thanks for the help John.


Re: California Muni Weekend Dates and Location


Cal-MUni weekend

I’ve got a 12 passenger van and am planning to be there. Unfortunately, 7 seats are used up with my family. The good news is my wife doesn’t ride a unicycle and would be willing to drive (I think)! We can double buckle some of my kids and fit more in, though.

The other bit of bad news is that I’ll only be there friday and saturday. Am excited about coming!

My e-mail is dan welburn at earth link dot net. You can add me to the list.

I command you to come back to life…Its still a few mo away, and this thread died a good while back for those who missed it(this is for this year i right)

I predict all time lows in attendance this year…



Im trying to be able to come,we’ll see…

Any chance of a Falls City weekend this year to replace it? :wink:

yes, that has been a thought for this year. nothing official yet though.

in the future (maybe 2006) there will be a Oregon Muni week-end, also on the same week-end as the Cali-Week-end. possibly in Bend.

Man, I am already excited about this year’s CMW!

I am going to be moving to Santa Barbara and attending UCSB in Aug./Sept., so I’m really looking forward to riding all those awesome trails and helping with the event.

A big bonus of this year’s muni weekend over the last 2 years is you get to experience California’s famous beaches!



P.S. Hey Jag, what’s with the hostility? Are you just jokin or did last year burn you out?

yeah i got pretty burned out of sushy, beer snobs and the “buetiful people”

Yeah? That’s great… I’d definately make the drive down for that. If there’s any progress with it please keep me informed…