CaiDom -Downhill - Brixen

Hey Municyclist.

This september is a Downhill race in Brixen, it is called CaiDom. It is on the Muni-Mountain of Unicon16.
Together with a MTB-Race we start the downhillrace from the top of the mountain and ride 2000m of altitude difference to the townsquare.

see the last years race video:

date: 16-18.Sept. 2011

come and enjoy the dolomites!

More Informations about the race soon here.

Wow. Please don’t make us ride up that for any U16 competitions. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for the group MUni rides as well!

To compete at the CaiDom downhill is free of charge.

please sign up via mail to unicycle.ploner(AT) till 27.08.2011!!!
we need your name, date of birth, adresss and phonenumber.

@john: That would be a serious hard uphill race. maybe i try it this year to have enough time to recover till Unicon16 :slight_smile: