Buying first handlebar and have questions

I am setting up my 32” oracle and trying to decide on the Nimbus shadow vs KH t-bar. The shadow is my first choice for a couple reasons But my saddle of choice is the KH fusion one which is not compatible with the shadow handle seat post.

I am giving the Nimbus stadium a second chance But in case it does not work out has anyone retrofitted a fusion one to the shadow? Also with the pivotal post allow more adjustment? I have my stadium saddle shimmed up in the front now and it makes it more tolerable for me so it would be nice if I can do that without shims using the pivotal mount. With the way the seat mounts on the shadow I think it would be very easy to shim but I would prefer not to if possible

It can be done :slight_smile:

You will need to immobilise the saddle bolt to prevent it rattling and bend the saddle mounts out slightly. Go carefully when bending the mounts as the aluminium will crack if you overdo it.

It’s not perfect, but until somebody comes up with either a better saddle, a better handlebar system or both, this is what I use.

Awesome thank you sir!

I have my 32" with the KH Fusion Freeride saddle and the KH T-bar. Im very happy with the setup and that saddle is the most comfy one I have. I don’t know about the Fusion One, but I did at some point have a Zero, which was not comfortable at all.

Your review of the oracle 32” was some of the helpful info that aided in my decision. I do have a freeride as well and i agree its the most comfy saddle i have tried but any more then an hour in it and i started to get leg numbess. Maybe the handlebar helps with this?

One of the big reasons for favoring the shadow was the rigidity. I have read where some ppl say they have flex or movement in the t-bar. They both have there pros and cons in my view and i am still weighing them out and overthinking it as usual

I agree that after 12ish kilometers I also start getting numbness, though in my crotch area, not in my legs. The Nimbus saddles (apart from the one on the 36") all start chafing already within 5kms, but it also depends on what Im wearing. Normally some loose jogging pants are very nice. The chafing has become more since I started gaining weight, which I have problems with to stop as I am quite addicted to sweets and chocolate bars. :slight_smile:
I don’t think the handle bar has any effect on numbness or chafing. It is just nice to have a place to put my hands.

I lean forward and push down with a lot of weight on the bar setup. Probably why I prefer the Shadow over the KH T-bar. If I were just resting my hands, the T-bar would be fine. My bar setup is a short-medium muni/xc setup. If my setup were longer, I would be applying less force on the bars.

Handlebars for me have greatly improved numbness and chafing. Now I can sit wherever I want on the seat and can easily change my position on the seat.

It is likely that using handle bars is going to change how everything works for you. In other words, if you like a certain saddle right now without handle bars, you might not like it later with them. And visa versa. If you are thinking about performing a difficult mod (combining the Shadow with a KH seat), that might be premature.

It isn’t difficult to change position when standing up from the saddle while riding. And I do agree with what you’re saying about pushing down on the T-Bar having an impact on chafing, numbness. Though I push down on the seat handle. Having my hands on the T-Bar changes the balance point a little so you hang a bit more forward. When doing longer rides, I alternate between sitting straight up, both hands on the seat and holding the T-Bar.
Though in all cases, I get numbness eventually which is only solved by taking a break. Five minutes are enough.

I am curious to see if the stadium saddle improves for me with a handlebar so i am thinking i will get the shadow and give the stadium saddle a chance and if it does not work out then mount up the fusion one

I regularly ride with both hands on the front of the saddle with downward pressure to push the unicycle forward and relieve pressure after long periods of riding so i think i will take to a handle bar pretty fast and i do see myself putting pressure on them like i do my seat now

Obviously YAMV (your anatomy may vary), but I wouldn’t count on bars magically improving comfort for saddles you already don’t like. If you know that you like the One then maybe it’s worth starting with that. The only downside is the destructive modification needed to the Shadow base.

FWIW I have a Stadium/T-Bar setup on my muni and a Zero/Shadow setup on my 36er. I vastly prefer my 36er setup, and personally wouldn’t purchase another Stadium or T-Bar. But, again, YAMV :).

The usual caveat should apply that I’m the only person in the world who likes the KH Zero :wink:

Yes, I agree, on longer rides I like to take a break about every mile.

I’ve used both. I would describe the KH T-bar’s motion as suspension. In other words, it doesn’t bother me, but it does move a little. I’d say not much, and I have the stiffener plate under the seat.

I used the Nimbus Shadow handle for years, and it is a little more rigid, but for me that came at a cost. I kept breaking the base part. They would eventually crack where the front handlebar went in. I still have my original Nimbus handlebar, which I now use with the T-bar. That works great for me. I’m not sure why Shadow bases kept breaking, but it appears to be from up/down pressure from the front handlebar. I run mind low, and get a semi-aerodynamic position by leaning forward and putting some weight on there to take it off my seat.

No breakage with the T-bar (yet). Sometimes I need greater control, but then I just either hold the seat handle (like for climbing or really rough ground), or I hold the handlebar farther back, which makes it move less.

My setup is a Schlumpf 36" with KH frame, the curved part of the Nimbus bar angled downward, but the main bar relatively horizontal while riding. KH One saddle (previously a Zero).

Both handlebar setups work, and each has something the other doesn’t. The KH has more flexibility in terms of angle, while the Nimbus has multiple possible combinations between the two bars, front and back, and bar-bend up or down.

I think on bigger wheels the T-Bar is very nice to stop the wheel from swaying from left to right, which I seem to do all the time. Naturally shorter cranks also prevent this.

I have been switching back and forth between the stadium and one and the stadium just isnt going to cut it. The one is perfection and i am going to stick with it

I like the idea of multiple combinations and having the bar out the back because i plan to do some cycle packing with this rig and the back bar will be used for gear. If i go T-bar i will need to add one but thats not a deal killer

I have the VCX+ cranks and the 125’s are awesome on this size wheel! I have no sway at 125 or 100 but i have not tried the 150 enough to notice. I have lots of sway running 138’s on my 27.5 muni though when riding flat hard surface