Busted rim?

Hey everyone! The other day i was out jumping stair sets, i went home and put my uni away. Then yesterday my girlfriend said to me that there was a dent in my rim. I said to her that there are loads of dints in my rim and not to worry. Then i went to get my uni out and this is what i found!

What you cant see from the pictures is that the wall of the rim has acually torn!
I did bottom out when i went riding on sunday, so i think it happened then! Now ill have to wait until i get paid until i can get a new rim (due to new muni, see other thread), though i might get a new hub and be done with it!
Ride on!

you sould be able to get a new one free…those style rims were re-called…

that groove isnt unicycle friendly as you now know…unfortunatly your going to have to transfer the new rim over yourself or pay to have it done…its not hard to do though and the spokes are perfectly re-usable when done the right way.

Wow! i never knew that! ok, next question, Who do i contact because there is no indication of who made the rim anywhere on it. The uni is a mission but i dont think the rim is made by them. Wheel building is a piece of piss, so il have no problems with lacing up a new one.
Cheers for the info,
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haha my trials rim did exactly the same thing except it the wall snapped as well so theres two pieces popping out. its the same rim aswell

That happened to few of my friends too. And when I ordered KH trials from UDC I asked them to change it beforehand and they did it for free for me.

But yeah those sucky rims are baaaad.

Danger_Uni: The groove is common on bike rims to show the level of sidewall wear due to brakes. I did not ask for it but the manufacturer put it in anyway. If you have a rim that broke along the groove, you can return it for warranty replacement.

All rims sold after April 2005 had no groove. Also the material was upgraded from 7005 T6 aluminum to stronger 7005H T6.



As a side note: I killed two of them on my KH20 05, since then the new rim without the groove has served me perfectly.

Ahhhhhhhggggggg! I didnt buy my uni from UDC or bedford! I bought it from a little bike shop in cornwall! iv contacted Mission, so il wait and see what they have to say.
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That warranty only applies to KH rims - I don’t think Edd’s is a KH.

I was afraid of that. It looks pretty similar though.
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isn’t that a Qu-ax rim?

LOL thats my rim :smiley:
But it’s replaced at no costs so the only problem was the no riding time:(

Yeah i’ve split 2 or 3 Alexdx rims at the join, and dented one so bad doing the 2.87 gap that it was inverse for about 4 spokes…