Busking in the US

I’m aware that threads exist on busking, but I have been unable to find any information regarding the legality of it in the US. I live in Fort Wayne Indiana and I’m hoping to try to earn a few extra dollars by performing over the summer. Could anyone tell me where I might go to find out if it is legal and if I need a permit or something?
Anything anyone can tell me about busking would be helpful. Even some more busking tips and techniques would be nice. What uni/juggling/variety acts go over well with the crowds?

Comedy and content over skills every time. The audience has no idea how hard most tricks are, so make 'em laugh instead and keep it simple. Figure out a gimmick or a theme.

Call your local police station and ask them if it’s legal where you are.

I know in national parks (like yellostone) it is NOT legal. (We found that out the hard way) and in places like boston you need a permit. (also found out the hard way) Most other places around the country I haven’t ran into any problems.

I believe in most cases it goes by city. Some cities have an active busking community, while others probably don’t. This may be more related to the money that can be made than anything else. A look on the juggling forum(s) might be more helpful than here, where there are few pros reading.

Oddly enough, I just heard about a statistic today that Fort Wayne, Indiana was rated the “dumbest city in the country?” How does one measure these things?

I have been to Fort Wayne (Groundhogs Day Jugglefest or something), way back in 1984. It was lots of fun!

You want to ask on

It’s a forum for people who do street performing.