burger king unicycle commercial

did a short search, could’t find it, sorry if it has been here (first time i’ve seen it)…

(stefan from einradshop.ch posted it on fb):

Is it me, or do I truly hear “unibike of 7 stories tall” …?

wow. so how many wheels does a unibike have? unike is acceptable, ya know.

Buahahahha!!! This is my favorite commercial of all time!!!

That… was… AWESOME !!

A unibike has only one wheel:


Resolution is not that great, but it does look like it says 1985 (or eighty-something) at the end. Clearly not a current ad, based on the clothing styles and King’s look (he may look different in various countries).

I never saw it before and I’m sure I would have remembered! Also I didn’t hear it as “uni bike of”; I’m thinking they said unicycle but I’ll listen to it again. I wonder who the “talent” was, in terms of the unicycle riding?

At least one of the unicycles was clearly a Schwinn, but I couldn’t make out much detail otherwise. The tall giraffe (probably 10-12’) was a custom, looking like possibly a DM?

Jerry Greenberg (AKA Jay Green from NYC) showed a commercial he did for “It takes two hands to handle a whopper” wearing a white motorcycle helmet holding a Whopper, riding a unicycle. he showed it an IJA Convention in the mid 1970s, possibly in Rhode Island (?) (or someplace they grow lots of mushrooms), maybe the year after the IJA met in Youngstown OHIO (1974?).

It may have never actually aired, though it was very well produced.


Pretty funny. Looks authentic retro 80’s to me, but if so I would think John Foss would remember it . . . Maybe it only played on the east coast or something? :thinking:

To my ears: “. . .but don’t mess with the unibike that’s seven stories tall, or you’re headed for a fall!”