BUC : the british unicycling
i have some questions about BUC

1 is it a camping weekend or just in the day

2 what is there to do

3 is it a good idea to bring my uni

thank you

also who here is going buc

and me. :slight_smile:

are you stayin all weekend

and me

And me.


and me

amanda did NOT force me to post this:

and me.

and me?

i have no clue what im saying “and me” for!! :thinking: :smiley:

And me, even if I have to throw a sicky to get there if it goes on for three days this time. (Don’t tell the university)

and me!



i cant wait for it its gonna be great

Me too

Oh, sorry, I meant to say “me too”


me too!

and us!

Me and Jo too, and Leo, but he will probably post later!

Rock on!

me and the mule will also be present.


Yeah me too! i’m postin cos edd said i would post
what am i posting about? :thinking:
oh i see yeah i’ll be there:D