BUC 2009 - british unicycle convention

The 2009 British Unicycle Convention ( BUC) will take place in

Okehampton, Devon

April 24th-26th 2009

website will come soon with a bit more detail.

BUC 2009 website is now up and runnning at

With details of where ,when and how you can help. If you are able to help out with any of the volunteer roles or have other skills you can offer please contact us at

Any ideas for a logo also welcome at that address,should be one colour on green and contain a unicycle and maybe something Devon related.

BUC 2009 website has been up-dated. Now has some details about the events and competitions that will happen during the weekend. The volunteers page has some job descriptions for roles that need filling, if you are able to help out with any of them please let us know on here or by e-mail.
We are getting closer to having details agreed for the weekend and still hope to open pre reg in Feb.

Hi Sarah,

Im a little worried about the really strict rules RE: protection in the trials competition. I can understand the importance of wearing a helmet and perhaps shin pads, but I think the rule about having gloves and wrist guards is really un-nessasary. I don’t ride with or own a set of gloves or wrist guards and don’t intend on buying some just to use for BUC.
Do we really have to wear all that stuff on the list?

On another note, thanks for taking on the huge task of organising a BUC. I think the logo with an umbrella is very relevant to BUC, haha!


<fairly pointless post just to get me subscribed to the thread>

Thanks for the updates Sarah. BTW, the link under the logo isn’t working (missed the quote after the URL)

I’m still trying to organise permission for us to hold a road race, but it’s not looking hopeful at the moment. I’ve got one more chance (the local police), but if that fails then we’ll just have to have a non-competetive road ride (and just happen to notice who gets back first :p)


The wearing of the listed pro is a condition of our insurance and is in the risk assessments of that event which affect the cost of first aid cover. So yes, you will need to wear* gloves or wrist guards as well as a lid and leg pro to compete in trials or street.

You really have NO gloves… don’t your hands get cold in winter? beg and borrow.

Other than shin protection in street I’m reasonably sure these conditions match the IUF rule book, just borrow your mum’s gloves :smiley:

Alternatively nearer the time PM me and you can borrow some wrist guards, if I bring a big wheel then I’d have them with me.


Just wondering what time it will be starting onthe Friday? Will I need to book the day off work?


i am interested in going (whether i will be able to or not)
obviously nearer the time would it be possible for a full timetable of the times (roughly) and days in which the different events happen?

thanks :slight_smile:

by the way i agree that the logo is fitting

Timetable will appear on the web in due course. Friday stuff will be timetabled from 6pm. We don’t have access to site till 4pm. Sunday it ll finishes by 4pm.
Hockey will be on both Saturday and Sunday, as will Muni.

:frowning: For the first time since stating unicycling, I wont be able to go to a BUC (sob)

But now who’s going to get drunk and dance on the tables?

Haha. The same people who always do probably.

For the big wheel ride… does 29" count as a “big wheel”?

Usually, although it is the organiser’s choice e.g geared 29er or 36" may be specified, instead of ‘big wheel’ if there is a time constraint.

I’d assume when the format is finalised the minimum practical wheel size will become obvious.

Depends…can you keep up. For a pub ride yes It would count, for a race… you may wish to consider WHY you are raceing.

Web site has been updated again. Now has some draft timetable info and pre reg prices. Pre reg will open soon (ish) .


Sounds Great!

Glad of the free practise space lasting till midnight!

Yep- sports hall open till 8am - midnight.
Catering from Saturday breakfast to a proper sunday lunch.

Its shaping up to be a good BUC. Could do with a few more workshop volunteers. so far we have Calstock club doing beginners and basic skills, Stockton club doing intermediate - advanced skills & Nick doing basketball.
Any offers of wheel building/ maintenance type workshops or of non unicycling skills workshops would be recieved with interest.

I’ll probably be in the hall most of the time, and I have some, ultimate wheels, 3 wheeled unicycles, a giraffe, a 12 inch, a kangaroo and some more nameless unicycles that I could leave in the hall for people to have a go on?