Broken Crank Please Help!!!

ok i really need help… I have a Sun CLassic 20in and i was riding it the other day when the pedal was feeling wierd. I thought nothing of it now ive got a stripped crank :angry: . I was reading about them and suns use cotterless cranks. Does this mean i just buy any cotterless crank or does it have to be exactly the same model as the one on my sun. Also what size would i use for a 20in uni. Last how do i prevent this from happening in the future.

      -kokomo   Thank You:D

any cotterless crank will do, they’re all pretty much the same. Measure from the centre of the crank hole to the centre of the pedal hole to check your current length, but it is almost certainly 125mm. Check the right crank is on the right side, having the wheel backwards will cause the pedals to unscrew and strip. If that’s fine then you’ve just been riding it too hard, it’s not a terribly sturdy uni.

ty sooo much it might be that because the guy at the store put the seat on backwards and i wasa riding it like that for like 1week and a half so pretty much 125mm cotterless… THANK YOU SOOO MUCH:D

How hard are you ridding it?

i was accidentaly riding it backwards:(

well in general, do you do drops etc…

Make sure the hole in the crank you buy is in the same orientation if you only buy one crank.

Some square taper cranks are funny like that.

Sometimes the hole is parallel with the length of the crank, other times it’s 45 degrees turned, so your cranks might not line up if you buy an odd crank.

Try your local bike shop, sometimes they have a bin of coterless cranks, usually only left cranks though, wish you luck either way.

Parallel holes:

45 degree holes:

if the bike shop put your uni together backward (our LBS did that to one of our unicycles back in the dark ages) they should really be replacing that crankset for you. I’d talk to them about it.

Do these look good

You get what you pay for.

Uh, he’s riding a Sun. The cranks he linked to may be exact matches. Yes, I recommend starting by asking your bike shop to order them for you (at their expense). If they claim having the cranks on the wrong sides makes no difference, ask them why left-hand pedals are left-hand threaded in the first place.

That was interesting, Borgschulze, I never noticed some cranks have the square perpindicular to the length of the arm. would seem to be the exception to the rule. The Black Widows are the only cranks I’ve ever seen like that.

Also, if you happen to live in Indiana and your town matches your screen name, there’s a guy in town who knows just about everything there is to know about unicycles. He probably has replacement cranks for your unicycle in stock. The Unicycle Factory.

Some bike cranks are like that too.

I have some Shimano and SR Suntour cranks, from some low end bikes, and one of them has the perpendicular hole.

They’re really cheap. I have a pair in 127, although I haven’t bent them yet (I don’t ride it too hard), they flex a lot and it’s really anoying.

If you order, I recomend these