British MUni Weekend 07


How does anyone fancy some good muni the back end of the summer?

Edd, Leo and myself rode at Chicksands, near Bedford, and it was awesome! Excellent Muni, and great North Shore. We thought it might be great for BMW.
I cant remember when the last one was, and I dont believe there is one planned.
Edd and Leo are making a video of Chicksands, so you can all see what it is like. Should be up in a day or two.

How about we get one sorted for the back end of the year, as there isnt too much happening on the UK Calendar at the moment.


I would be down for some chicksands, I’ve not been in a couple of months and now I’ve got a 29 I won’t always come last in the racing! I’ve got a load of photos of it on facebook if anyone wants to see them, just add me as a friend.

Sounds good to me Joe.

I went there a few months ago with kington, loose, gkmac and some other dude who worked for Microsoft. The dual slalom and four cross tracks were fun, but there might be rather a lot of hanging around if there were a lot of us there (or a lot of bikes). Apparently there’s a cross-country route and some singletrack but we didn’t investigate that, so don’t know how good it is.

I can see the race tracks and bit of northshore losing its appeal a bit if the meeting was more than a day, unless the singletrack is good as well. S’pose it depends if you want it to be more riding or more a social event.

Either way, I hope it proves more popular than my Dartmoor weekend.


I don’t know if its just me then, but I could ride that northshore for ever and not get bored!
I found the single track rather boring, but then I do love hucking myself down uber steep hills and doing jumps. That said, there were a few good tracks that were really overgrown and twisty, they were great fun!

I am well up for doing a Muni Weekend, as Joe, Leo and me were talking about it yesterday. I think Chicksands has got something for everyone, from easy trails to really technical northshore.

As Joe has already said, there will be a video on the way soon, to persuade you all to come!

Rock on!

Don’t get me wrong Edd, I agree it’s a cool place and the downhill tracks were superb to play on for a couple of hours, but they’re a bit short. We were lucky when I was there and there were hardly any bikes around, so we just kept going round and having loads of rides, but if it was more crowded I can imagine there could be a lot of queueing at the top.
Most of the northshore’s a bit too dangerous for me :o - the bit at the top of the hill by the big drop was cool to practice on though. It’d be superb for people more into that sort of riding though (and having the right skills not to kill themselves).

Anyway, I doubt I’d be able to make it anyway - my quota of unicycling events is pretty much used up for this year what with two 24 hour races, chicksands and an audax. (hint - don’t have children) If there’s some chance of longer rides I’m more likely to try to make it.


I was kindof thinkig the same, can’t see more than a day’s worth of stuff there, but evidently you guys went exploring further than we did and found quality stuff.

Always up for a muni weekend, but again there’s doubts of having a full weekends riding near Bedford. Having said that, Chicksands does look ace and I’d be up for trying it, just might need some crazy plans to get some riding elsewhere. There’s always Aston hill for some more downhill trails, but last time I went there it seemed a bit busy/slippy (mmm, wet chalk) to be great for unicycling.

There hasn’t been an official BMW for a while, but there have been plenty of muni weekends. I keep meaning to ‘organise’ something in the peaks or somewhere, but haven’t yet and don’t have that many free weekends.

Heres the video of persuasion!
I posted it in the video section right here!
Chicksands is absolutely great, any who miss BMW will regret!


Damn i can’t believe you guys were hitting those gap lines, we never even touched them.

Sounds like a plan to me.

I’m going to a festival around the 11th of September I think so if at all possible could it not be that weekend.

Well, if you’re all THAT good you’ll probably have a good time.

14th-16th Sept, dear.


I’v got a trip thing on the 1st an 2nd but after that like the 8th an 9th and so on should be no problem.
I’m also back at college that sort of date (with any luck) but i dont see that being in the way either.
not sure what edds doing around then :roll_eyes:

byeeee leo

Weekend of the 9th is no good for me unfortunately, but check your PMs Leo!