Muni at Chicksands! (Joe B, Edd and Leo)

As Joe and Edd have said already in this thread we went to chicksands to do some Muni yesterday(thursday), i never realised how awsome that place is! and how close it is for me. We did some realy hardcore riding on the crazy northshore stuff they have setup their (well joe an edd did) and some cool staking (in this case i think i qualified, lol). We also took some sweet pics and filmed some of it me an edd have put together a quick vid.
And Uh Ohhh I think i’v caught the Muni bug! :astonished:

Enjoy (Youtube)
Enjoy betterer (Photobucket)
Apologies in advance, i think the timing is out.


Amazing place to ride. Wish I had something like that close to me!

Sweet riding, and some of the wrecks were golden.

Damn I’ve just watched this thing half a dozen times, really makes me want to get out there and stick some of those lines I never managed.

Thanks very much for having me over guys!

The video came out excellent! I didnt notice the timing being out like!

I look forward to the next ride!


Great to see a Muni Video between all the street videos. I enjoyed it realy much especialy the bails :).

You guys have crazy hills downthere with sweet northsore.

It looks quite wet in the video. Was it wet?

Great video!

awesome video guys.

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone.

Yeah it was wet, it poured down about half an hour after we’d found the place which dint help because the wooden northshore was made megga slippy, added to the fun though :smiley: and the bails section lol

No problem mate, i had to render it about three times because edd made a “few” changes.
Anywho hope to see all who can make it at BMW;)


liked it a lot really smooth riding

sweet vid, that looks like an awsome place to ride!

Well get your ass down there for the muni weekend then!

Looks like a great muni park. You really went all out. Nice job.
Looks wet… you slip a few times. Thats in england, eh

awesome guys good to see you 3 riding and nice vid, some stuff loooked well cool i want a 26inch or 24
sorry i might be being stupid whats bmw and is crawley still on and happening


BMW -british muni weekend

yeah crawley’s on as far as i know, just making plans atm, see you down there maybe.

when!? I like the sounds of that searches threads

waw i wanna ride there im gonna look in to this weekend thingy.

bye bye

That is sick!!! nice one man keep it up

Get your ass along to the Muni meet and you can ride that stuff! Your not far away either!

Rock on!

Beautiful riding…there is some stuff like there where I live but it is a fair bit bigger so unicycling might be too hard

Great work guys!