Brisbane Ride This Weekend!!

Hey guys

who’s up for a ride at southbank starting at the piazza this weekend?

how bout sunday at 9am?

any ideas?


my routine will be messed up this week by ,c hores

hows saturday. same time and place. any day and time except for sunday. if need be i can do sunday but id rather not due to prior arrangements.


I can do sunday after 10ish, possibly saturday…not too sure yet

how about monday? if thats better for everyone?

how about an australian day ride?

sat or mon? and aus day

aus day suits me 10: 30 piazza

and saturday

okay this sat 10:30 piazza and aus day. see you there.

alrighty, I can go saturday but I don’t know about aus day, I’ll find that out later.

How about you do this ride on Sunday and come out for a muni ride with Rockley, James and I (and others, surely) on Saturday morning.

We’re meeting at the Gap Creek Reserve Carpark at 9am, Saturday morning.

Come along, they’re always heaps of fun!


i cant go sun but can go sat. rather not muni tho. im fat on the inside

Me and Rolf were planning to go riding on sunday morning at the gap, I guess we could change it to saturday (if not I can do both days), but some people can’t do the southbank ride on sunday.

Also we really need a better way to organise rides because atm only muni rides are organised properly through email.

yeah saturday sounds good, i can’t really do much more for the rest of january… i could possibly do something next weekend too… but sunday i have prior arrangements too

ok so saturday at southbank piazza at 10:30 11:00 ish and sunday at the gap creek reserve carpark at 9ish for those who can make it. and if anyone whos coming on saturday has a working mobile pm tom the number, hes coming late

saturday at 9am with andrew carter and rockley, actually.

saturday muni at 9:00am at the gap

saturday street/trials at the piazza at 10:30-11:00

sunday muni at 7:00am at th gap (still undecided)

On saturday I’m doing muni then I’ll join the street/trials ride at about 12ish. As for sunday I have to hear back form Rolf to see whats happening.

yes and can someone PM there mobile number if they are going on the street ride?

im comeing on this street ride