Bring Back The Chat Room!

As I’m sitting here talking to Kevin Mcmullin, Dallas Miller, and Keaton Miller, we are all in agreement that the chatroom should be brought back for conversation. I would go on to it everytime I entered this website. Anyone else want this?

-Shaun Johanneson

I want this!

Yes…I would like that. 90 percent of the time i get on gabbly no-ones there.

Want what? RSU and JC are already virtual chatrooms, what with all the people who log on just to post “Me too!” and “That sucks”.

you suck.:wink: i would want it back

No kidding. =p

Besides, MR is enough of a chatroom, and dont say it doesn’t move fast enough. There are times in there where you post, and you’re a page behind already, and it gets even faster too.

I agree.

Exactly. Let that get posted in a chat room and the forum won’t be so full of noise.

Bring back the chat room!


i never got to experience the chatroom but it sounds good to me. saves me refreshing so much.

Yeah you could call the chat room the room :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah you could call the chat room the chat room :smiley: :smiley:

I think the chat room can clean up the forums.

people will be talking shit enough in the chat room so the forums will be destined to things that really matter.

that is it

why not just use gabbly? you can hava a chat room wherever you want…

90 percent of the time there is no-one there.

It takes awhile for people to get used to using gabbly…it just needs to be established that it’s there, once people start using it regularly it builds momentum. If everyone just changed their bookmarks to, it would log them in automatically…then we’d all(well most of us) be in on the chat as soon as we pulled up the site.

that would be good

anyone? click the link…i’m all alone here.

I want chatroom.

I’m in, gabbly that is.