Brian O's Unicycle Photography Shop

Hey everyone, I’d like to announce that I’ve started a small online shop to sell some of my unicycle photography. I’ve gotten a lot of good comments from people so I figured there might be a small demand for something like this. I’ve only got a few items up so far.

I can do posters (up to 35"x52"), keychains, pins, stickers, mugs, hats, shirts, mousepads and more. Feel free to make requests for any of the photos you’ve seen from me in color or black and white on any of those items. I’d be more than glad to set it up so we can really represent this sport.

All profits go towards funding my ability to go to more unicycling events and take even more pictures. I’ve set the prices pretty low so I don’t make a large profit so I hope you guys can at least enjoy this stuff!

You can check out the shop here:*
You can find a bunch of my unicycling photos in my gallery: So if you see something in there you want just let me know, I can put it up in my shop on any item and in color if you wish. The photos at this link aren’t high enough resolution for a quality print so I prefer you just didn’t try to print your own versions off there and just get them from my shop instead.

P.S. Please don’t turn this thread into a discussion of how you can start your own shops, you can PM me if you want advice. This thread is to help me out and spread awareness of what I’m offering.

Thanks guy, I really appreciate it!

Well thats what I’m saying, if anyone wants to get anything from the shop that they see in the NAUCC gallery, I can do the color versions of any of those shots.

They were all in black and white in the photo gallery because if you are having one continuous set of black and white photographs, its odd to have a few color ones thrown in randomly.

I appreciate the input though. The more events and rides I’m able to get in on, the more shots will be available.

True, even on a super clear photo to the eye a color photo always seems to look more vivid. Thats just my opinion.

Brian… if you make a poster of the flaming wheel i will buy it immediately

Color or black and white?

I am thinkin color…idk
what it look like in black and white?

Imagine the origional pic, but with a little bit of black, and a little bit of white. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might be interested Brian, I’ll let you know.

i went back and looked at the pics… ya… lets try black and whit

Uh why’s ur unicycle on fire?

what do you mean? isnt your unicycle on fire?

i see what you did there.

also, that store looks good, i just might have to buy something from there in the future

Suggestion: Make a 2009 calendar with twelve awesome shots!



Good plan! I’ll start working on it.

Phil, when I get out of work I’ll get the poster up.

I might buy something once you get some more stuff up there.
It would look good in my locker.

HOLY CRAP… thats like A FREAKIN GOOOD idea

how do you come up with this stuff?

+1 :slight_smile:

still waiting brian :wink:


I’m totally doing it right now. I’m just getting it as good as it can possibly be for print. I want to make sure the sharpening and levels and everything are good. It will be up within the next hour for sure.

The Calendar is going to take some time though. That certainly won’t be tonight.