Braus 36” Rim - Compared to Nextie & Compatibility

I’m starting this thread to try and pin down some aspects around the Braus 36” carbon rim in the current space after all that has gone on with the Nextie 36” rim - both hookless and hooked.

Now to be clear: I’ve read all I can find and probably multiple times while travelling these hallowed forum halls… on not only the Braus but also Nextie - and this means I am fully aware of how there are clearly fans of the Braus rim here on the forums regularly, who have clearly demonstrated that they can mount and successfully ride without any blow offs for their use case.

It seems that the TL;DR for the Nextie rim is that it was designed to the spec of 36” rims and this means it supports the Vee T-Monster Tyre with the most ease / success, offering de facto compatibility - However when it comes to NightRider Lite (and its manufactured close cousins) the Nextie isn’t able to accommodate that tyre’s reported off spec bead diameter so in effect isn’t as forgiving (?!) to that tyre and therefore blow-offs happen to users of both hooked and hookless at higher PSIs.

But where does the Braus come in regarding its spec and designed compatibility?

Was it designed with the T-Monster in mind? But ends up just being more tolerant (due to narrower design) of The NightRider Lites/King Georges of this world?

Additionally do some tyres in general have a non-compatibility issue with the hookless standard? Meaning is the NightRider Lite not intended for use on hookless rims? Or is that not how tyre design works?

Yep many questions as I mull over the Braus rim… its seems to be a far better product from what I can see that the Nextie rim and that fact it is stocked on UDC UK gives me also what I’d term a vote of confidence.

But I still wonder if it is a rim that is (like the Nextie) waiting for a Vee tyre to get back in stock or a tyre that is yet to be birthed.

Does any one know?

Anyway - I feel that the while the Braus has a few clear fans, the details about it seem few and far between and I really want to seek more knowledge on its genesis, aims and compatibility (before shelling out £500!)

Thanks in advance forum folk :pray::gear:

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I need about 3 weeks before posting out Braus Rim + Vee tire + cord spokes. Gimme time to deal with my big family and to spend a lot of night-time building/modding/testing. I am about deciding if I’d better ride the lightest ungeared 36er or sell it to buy a schlumpf hub