Brand new to the world of unicycles. What should I buy?

Hey there, guys. =)
As the title says, I’m new to unicycles. But I’d love to learn how to ride 'em and have one for mehself. They seem to be an awesome thrill, great exercise, and bloody cool. 8)

So, my first step was to read up on the subject of unicycles. Well, I’ve read, and have seen different opinions, realize that it is gonna be my decision in the end (obviously), but I still want some more experienced suggestions, if possible.

I’m 15 years old, going on 16 soon; but I’m a small dude. About 5’ 1". My inseam length (w/ shoes, crotch to floor) is about 28-29 inches, I believe. I’d be using the unicycle for fun; nothing pro, of course. Street, sidewalk, the little kid cyclist playground type of terrain.

I really don’t want anything cheap, but I really don’t want anything excessively expensive. By the looks of the unicycle market, perhaps something within the $150-300 range? Then again, I’m really not sure what’s reasonable for good quality.

Does anyone know if is a fair site for buying? That’s the first place I saw. I saw a few on ebay, but I wasn’t sure who to trust. And I’m still trying to figure out the parts I am looking for.

Sizing suggestions? I was thinking a 24-inch unicycle, but other places seemed to lean more toward 20-inch for my size. And wheel size? Number of spokes? Seat post? (was thinking 300-mm). And crank arm length? (That is the pedal arm length, correct?)
Or am I getting to far into things? Is there a certain 'cycle that someone would suggest for me? Brand?

Please excuse my rambling. Just trying to give enough information.

Thanks so much for the help. ^^;

What kind of unicycling do you plan on doing distance, street, trials, Muni, freestyle, or flat?
Your inseam, doesn’t really matter when picking out a unicycle.

I think I’d get a Torker LX if I were you. Figure what style you want to ride, and then upgrade. is a good website.

Try the search function for you other questions.

ps. I like your account picture!:smiley: Is that when Calvin wants to be a tiger, but finds he hates being a tiger?

Ahh you guys, thank you so much for all the help.

When you guys ask about my “style” and “type” of cycling, I gotta say, I have no idea. What is the difference between flat and freestyle and distance and… well all of the others? o_o

Between the Torker LX and the one Jeremy suggested, are there any pros/cons to buying whichever one? Anyone else have a suggestion between the two?

SirSkillz: Psh yes. =3 Exactly the one. One of my favs.

Mmm, also, where would I find a Torker LX?
Hm, and my local unicycle store? o.o

A torker LX is a good begginer cycle since you don’t know what style yor riding yet. Look on youtube for those styles and you’ll find them and get a good idea of what they are. The best all around uni to get is a 20" trials unicycle because you can do street, flat, and trials on it.

Hehehe… WRONG. (No offense :p)

I just want to let you know that the unicycle you linked to has a 48 spoke hub and rim, and the rim is a 20". That means it would take quite a bit of money to upgrade to a 19" street/trials unicycle.

I would recommend this to anyone. It comes in different colors, too! I have one, and haven’t broken a single thing on it yet, and I’ve done up to 6 foot drops. It’s an excellent product for the money, and you won’t regret it at all. To a beginner the tire may look like it would be harder to ride on, but it really doesn’t matter. You don’t feel every little knobby.

For cranks I recommend the 125mm Moments. You could also stick with the 125mm Venture cranks (standard on unicycle), but I haven’t tried those yet so I don’t know.

You can’t go wrong with this unicycle!

Good luck, and I hope I helped!

Sheesh. So much info. Hehe, sorry for my noobish-ness.

Looks like the one crazyjoe suggested is the same michaelground said was best all around?

Hmm, Jeremy is pretty convincing.

What can I say? Any other opinions? ._.

I really appreciate the help.

I’ll check out the local dealers near me; thanks for the tip.

As a person that has ridden both sizes a lot I would reccomend 137’s or 140’s. Bigger cranks = more torque whilst smaller cranks = higher speed.

Does there happen to be a list of all the vocab of the cycle universe with their definitions?

If he really gets into unicycling, he’ll be almost guaranteed to make that upgrade eventually and a new Nimbus Trials wheelset is about $200 ($160 for the hub/spokes/rim, $35 for tire, $10 for tube, $5 for rimstrip).

That would bring the total cost of his unicycle to $415. Why not save $125 now?

Use the search function on this forum and it should help you find some stuff. This link will tell you about the different styles.

I had 145s for 6 months and 125s for 3 months. I learned on the 145s and they are pretty awkward to learn on. After all, he doesn’t need the torque for learning to ride.

I really don’t think crank size would matter for learning, but it might help.

Thanks about the link and search tip.

I don’t understand which is better for what reasons, but they both seem great.
Er, sorry, but I just wanted to point out that the link you gave me (crazyjoe) was a Nimbus 20-inch Trials thingy that was 290; not 200. No worries, just wasn’t sure if that was a mistake.

Once again, I really appreciate all of the help.
I’m not 100% positive, but I think I’m going to go with Jeremy’s suggestion - the Nimbus II.

If anyone else has any more feedback about what I should get, please let me know!

I’ve checked out the different styles, learned a bit about them. Jeez. Heh, well I think I’ll start with the normal “Neighborhood” style for now. If I get more into it, which I very much hope to, then I think I’d like to get into Freestyle and Street, which seem to include Trials, no? Still, I could easily change my mind, I guess. I’ll just have to start by learning… Heh.

Next step, bike shop. Probably later on this week. So please leave more feedback, if possible. : )

Thanks guys.

EDIT: Just realized, I could also use some help on choosing the specs. Seat post size? Cut post? Tire? Crank arm? More suggestions on that would be awesome. ._. Gracias!

I’m back, with what I hope to be my last questions.

When I go to the bike shop, I want to make sure I know all of the specs to ask for. I’ll just print out the information, I guess.
Nimbus II 20-inch Unicycle with ISIS hub

Nimbus Alloy Seat Post Siize?

Tire? What is the difference between standard and Primo tire besides a color choice? And “White Kickzumbut”?

Crank Arm? What size should I get, as well as kind? KH or Qu-Ax?

I would get the uncut post. You can easily cut the post yourself to exactly the length you need.

For the tire the biggest difference is the colours. I have a white Kickzumbut and really like it.

For the cranks I would go with 125s. I like 114s on my 20 but they might be a bit short for learning on. 145s would be quite long but still usable on a 20" wheel.

You’re awesome. ^^ Thank you so much dude.

(Huh. Just realized I gave a bad link. I meant to put this one: )