Brand new to the world of unicycles. What should I buy?

I would suggest the nimbus trials if you are planning on dishing out that much.

the vast majority of people buy cheap unicycles to begin with, then progress to better and better peices of equipment as their riding progresses.

I completly agree with skrobo.
Get the trials nimbus for 75bucks more and you will be set.

Seeing as he wants to get into freestyle and cruising around… its useless to get a trials. A uni with a skinny tire will be fine.

Oops maybe I shoul have read that.

lol i learned on this unicycle it was $78 when i bought it but it is a pretty nice unicycle but the crown is pretty big and can hurt a lot :stuck_out_tongue: but it is pretty good for just riding and a little freestyle and or flat but not for that extreme stuff :wink: all tho i have jumped off something 4’ high and the cranks are fine to my amazement but it is a nice learning unicycle

I learnt on a trials, it was OK but a freestyle would have probably been better. Yes a trials is nicer for learning how to hop, drop, go up and down curbs etc but the tire wears much faster and is harder to find and more expensive to replace, a trials won’t roll as smoothly and can be harder to turn for a learner since it has a much grippier tire.

If he wants to dabble a bit in trials he could see if the Monty tire will fit in his frame then spend the money on a proper trials wheelset if he decides that that is what he wants to do.

Thanks for the further suggestions, guys.

I think I will stick with the Nimbus II for now, but you’ve given me more to consider. >_> I think I’m going today to get it at the bike shop near me (that is, if they have it). (Sure hope they do; hehe, excited :stuck_out_tongue: )

If this uni is good to learn on and can still be used for freestyle or trials or just cruising, then it’s perfect.

You might want to consider this unicycle in the trading post

Ahh, thank you so much for the suggestion; but I’ve already gotten my uni. =(

what you get?

Ahhhh, I must tell the truth; I did not get anything particularly amazing, as they did not have the Nimbus II. However, I am very familiar with the bike shop I went to and know they are wonderful and truthful salesmen, so I bought the unicycle they had; it is of the Sun brand. They told me it was pretty standard, but good quality as far as they know; professional clowns come into their shop and buy them often. : P

I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone! >< I truly do thank you for the suggestions, and perhaps I’ll get one of those uni’s in the future. Right now, I’m still getting the hang of riding it. --; So far, I’m very happy with it.

i did the mistake of buying a begginers unicycle, busting it by the end of the month and needng to buy a new one
get something like this

o right u already bought one lol well done and good luck