before i get yelled at i searched (brakes/ braking)
im sorry to start this but i dont understand
how brakes work on a unicycle
(pdc is possibly selling me a 28 with brakes)
do you go into home position and brake and fly forward
or does it just slow you down
what happens

thanks and sorry in advance if i created a stupid thread

It’s for riding downhill, not stopping.

well thanks

Flatland would be pointless to put brakes on i guess

You’re going downhill and you finally realize that your cadence is actually faster than you can maintain…WOOPS! Too late, you can’t slow down because the grade is too much. “What will I do?!”

There you go: brakes.

Indeed, not so much for flatland; though if you do it right, it can make for impressive-looking stops on a 36".

Plan ahead better next time. I’d be terrified to try my brake under those conditions! When using the brake on long downhills I usually keep the speed pretty conservative. You never know when you might hit a bump and accidentally grab the lever, or the pads will heat up and get real grabby.

Oh yeah, I’ve definitely grabbed the lever by accident before…bad things happen. Admittedly, that’s not the best scenario I gave before; just the most realistically outrageous one I could write in a few seconds.

Maybe, ‘im holding an ok cadence downhill but my legs are giving out soon so i get on the brake to ease the force on my legs’ would be beter, it’s what i use it for.

They will work like brakes. With enough pressure, it will stop the tire from spinning, making you slid, or making you die. Well, more like being flung off head first. Pretty sweet footage though.

Light and controlled pressure, and it keeps you form going to fast, conserve your legs when doing long step descents.

You control what your bakes do

Brakes can also make technical downhill Muni easier.

You need to lean back a bit when you apply it. Get very used to it before you need it.

you just got get some air in the line, or if yall got a cable brake, loosen it up. it just slows ya down a bit when ur feet get ya goin to fast, or if you need to slow the beast down in a short amount of time

I dont want any air in my line thank you much.

Yes, I know that’s what they’re used for, I was just being goofy before. Sucks that inflections don’t come across in text.