Brake lever position on Nimbus 36

Yes, exactly - I could basically hold the bars permanently and with both hands without being disturbed by the lever at all, even though my preferred way of riding is rather to have only the right hand on the bar, and the left hand/arm free to move and react in case I need to suddenly adjust my balancing.

Give it a try! You may have to insist a little bit and not reject it after the few first minutes of riding, though.

OK, I see. But this means you have only 2 fingers really holding the bar, while I’ve got 4. :wink:

Cheers, MadC.

I cut my brake lever back so it would be protected by the handle, here’s a post with pictures from another thread:

It survived a fall that my right hip didn’t :slight_smile:


Ps. No, my seat is no longer canted up that far…

I fitted a brake lever to the centre pipe of my T7 when it was fitted, that way it was well out of the way, and it could be operated from each handle.

The only problem was I had to open the lever clamp a lot more than I would of liked to get it around the centre pipe.

As I said on another thread, I ended up taking off the T7, and the lever is now fitted to the normal position under my saddle on my KH 29.