Brake lever position on Nimbus 36

Where is the best position to put a Brake lever on Nimbus 36 with a T7 bar?

I am trying to allow for UPD so the lever does not get broken.

Also considering unplanned pressing brake lever during mounting or riding.

What say you unicyclist community?

Mine was on the left prong angled in a bit so that it wouldn’t touch the ground in a UPD. Never had a problem with hitting it whilst mounting or riding otherwise.

I’ve heard of some people though that leave the lever loose so that if you do UPD then it just moves around without getting damaged (much)


Left prong (or right if you ride right hand on handle mostly).

It doesn’t hit on crashing.

Grips on the handle are worth it if you anticipate dropping the unicycle ever, as the end of the handle gets scratched up really quickly otherwise, plus it is horrible to hold without the grips.


Yeah i have it on the right prong, angled in slightly, with a nice chunky set of grips. Had to cut the right one shorter because of the brake handle body.

I left my grip uncut. That meant there was half an inch or so of ‘unfilled’ squidgy grip at the end, which gave extra absorbant UPD protection :smiley:



PLease post picture if possible.

Here :slight_smile:


sorry I can’t help, but a better thread title would have been Brake Lever Possition on T7

Oh, the Irony

Ironically my T7 broke the day that my new break arrived in the mail. (yesterday)

Then you can give it a new break and have deja vu all over again! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Nice ride, Semach!

Thanks a lot. It was a great unicycle. Those photos were taken just before I sold it. It was sad to see it go, and I miss it… but I love my Schlumpf more :slight_smile:


What part of it broke?

Lever ABOVE the handle

This is funny, but there is something I LOVE and that seems to be not shared a lot across the RSU community.

I am actually putting my brake lever such a way that it is ABOVE the handle, not UNDERNEATH it - which means one will press DOWN rather than UP to brake.

As usual, a little picture is certainly better than a boring speech… :slight_smile:

After 2 years of daily use, I find this setup to be extremely accurate (I use my right thumb to control the lever) and practical (because no UPD could ever damage it).

Any other people doing this???

Cheers, MadC.

STM, do I see cranks that aren’t 100mm on there?

yes. but you don’t see cranks that are not 127mm on there :slight_smile:


come on, 100’s are so much more fun (but I don’t know what the hillage over in Nottingham is like)

brake lever on top

Since we don’t need to use a lot of force to brake and the lever can’t be broken due to UPD the top mount makes sense.

Anyone care to comment further on brake on top of T7 bar?

yes, how do you lean your weight down on the bars during normal riding, doesn’t the handle get in the way?

The handle or the lever? I guess you meant the lever, right?

Well, I guess the angle the lever makes compared to the horizontal is crucial here, in order:

  1. to kind of “kiss” as well as possible the opposite hand’s natural thumb position without requiring it to be bent or excessively extended while braking
  2. to not get in the way of the same side’s hand.

That’s probably a little “try and fine-tune” loop process - but it really did not take me too long before I could find the ideal angle, corresponding to my own needs of course.

I really encourage those of you who have never tried this setup to give it a chance, as I found it to give more accuracy than “the normal way”.

And on top of it, the 4 other fingers can freely continue holding the handle, even when the thumb is used for the braking, i.e. they are not impacted by the action of braking, which I believe is a cool advantage in that it helps smoothing further the “riding experience”.

Of course I do NOT use this setup for Muni - only with my 36er for road riding, commuting to work, etc.

Cheers, MadC.

so basically you have it leant in enough that you can get your wrist directly above the bars to take your weight, but you can easily hook the lever with your thumb when needs be? I might well give it a try. When i brake with the lever in the down pisition I leave my first finger and thumb around the bars and use the other three fingers to pull the lever, meaning my overall hand position doesn’t change.