Bottle holder

Any tips on an effective way to keep a bottle on the uni without it falling off?
I have a conventional cage that is attached to the under side of a handle (KH t-bar). The bottle often drops out if I dismount off the front (usually a forced dismount whilst riding in road traffic conditions).
I could tie it up but that would make removing the bottle more awkward whilst riding.

I have catgage’s like the one in the photo below. You can see that there are mounting holes on the sides that allow you to put the cage on frames that won’t allow enough vertical space to access the bottle. This kind of mounting could help you your situation too.

There are bottle holders that have a loop for the main body. I don’t like them on my bike as I find them harder to use but have never tried them on a unicycle. I had similar problems to you when I used a standard cage on a T7 when I was training for RTL.

Mostly I just use a camelpack.

I’ve just been having similar struggles. I bough this fancy device from a bike shop whereby you can mount a bottle cage onto your seat post.Problem was it rattled a fair bit and when I UPD, instead of grabbing the bumper I kept grabbing the bottle, and my uni went flying, leaving me with just the bottle in my hand.:o
I don’t like the idea of drinking from a plastic bladder, and those things are high maintenance, so have just bought this cool pack that runners use. Go to the Kathmandu website and look under active packs. It’s called a v twin bottle belt. (the bottles face towards the back - looks more elegant than a “moonbag”) Perhaps you get can one on-line or source something similar locally. I like it cause it also solves wallet/keys/snacks storage on long rides and is very easy to use.


Another thing I thought of doing was attaching a side entry bottle cage directly to the bumper (with the bumper’s bolts). Haven’t tried it though, so don’t know how do-able it is.

My Camelbak is extremely low maintenance. The key is to only use water in it. If you want to supplement this with some electrolyte drink, as I sometimes do on long or hot rides, then you’re back to the bottle-holding problem. My solution to this is to stick the bottle in the back of my Camelbak, but this still isn’t answering the original question.

The problem with many under-seat bottle setups is that they point the bottle at the ground during a dismount, so they tend to come off every time. If this is the problem, a similar mount behind the seat might be just what you need. Or mount the bottle vertically, if there’s room. It really depends on how much space you have. In the end, conventional bottle cages may not provide the “holding power” you need on a dropped unicycle, so you may need to consider either something more restrictive, or something you wear.

Well with high maintenance I mean cleaning the thing - you need a special cleaning kit and so on. I suppose it depends how concerned you are with germy things growing in your hydration system. And off course: personal preference…
I agree with John about the holding power of a cage when you drop your uni.

This from the Camelback website:

Cleaning and Maintenance

No other hydration company places as much of an emphasis on keeping your reservoir clean as we do. We offer the following guidelines for taking care of your CamelBak:

  1. Fill reservoir with warm water and mild soap.

  2. Clean with Reservoir Brush and Tube Brush.

  3. Re-fill reservoir with 1 L of water.

  4. Add 1 Cleaning Tablet

  5. Shake reservoir until tablet is dissolved.

  6. Let stand 5 minutes.

  7. Remove water from reservoir.

  8. Rinse reservoir thoroughly.

  9. Re-fill for drinking or hang dry completely before storage.

By following these disinfecting guidelines you can reduce common micro-organisms and build-up over 99.99%. In an emergency, you can also add a tablespoon of bleach after step 3. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, however.

To clean the actual pack, we recommend that you soak it in a tub or bucket. Wash with cold water and mild detergent then hang dry. It is not recommended to place your CamelBak pack in the washing

Lol, I have never cleaned my Camelbak and it seems fine to me, every time I use it I empty it if theres still water in it and put it in the frezzer :smiley: I havn’t died yet :stuck_out_tongue: I ain’t worried about germs, its been fine so far haha, seems clean to me.

Cheers for the feedback chaps. Tonight I tried attaching the bottle cage onto the cross section of the T-bar - it solved the bottle dropping problem - but it looked ugly placed at the front and it got in the way of the knees anyway.

I have a camelbak bladder but I’ve never really used it. I suppose that I don’t make long enough journeys for it.

I think you’ll need a unicycle variant of this bicycle seat: