boston uni get together

yea, i’m that annoying new guy that doesn’t know anyone or anything.
with that cleared up…
where are the Boston area unicyclists? i’ve lived here since
July and i’ve only seen one.
are there any groups? scheduled rides?
if there is no group, then it’s time to start one!
I live in JP, and would love to have someone else to ride with.
feel free to email me if you’re in the area.

good to meet you all!

i live about 2 hours out side of Boston in CT. if you get any riders to gether with a group tell me and ill try to stop in sometime, i would love to ride with a group again, (i was on the panther pride a few years ago)

Unicycle ride in Boston area.

I live in Needham, about 30 minutes from down town Boston. I’d like to join a group ride. Thoughts on two possible places: Charles river bike path, or MinuteMan bike path.

I live in Easton which is about 30 minutes from downtown Boston. Another location that is decent is Pope John Paul Park located just off of the expressway into Boston. You can see it from the highway. Lets ride.

Here are some websites that describe these these bike paths:

Charles River/Dudley White bike path
Minute Man Bike Path
Pope John Paul II Park

Any thoughts on accessibility and parking for these possibilities?

Any ideas for other places to ride?


There are several large parking lots right at Pope John Paul park. Free parking, no meters. The park is very easy to get to by car. There is a playground for the kids, Long paved paths. Some hilly areas also. The park is very popular for flying kites on breezy days.


Any thoughts on dates? How about a Sunday afternoon? Oct 10th and 24th are open for me at this point.

Anybody else out there in Boston-land interested?

Sunday afternoons are great for me. October 10th or 24th both seem O.K. at this point.

October 10th ride

OK. How about 2 pm, this Sunday Oct 10th at Pope John Paul II park in Boston?

Pope John Paul II Park

Re: October 10th ride

Can I come too, please, please, (boing, boing, boing, bounce, bounce):huh, huh? p :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’ll be going to the Cape that day for a week, hopefully of Cokering, although I’ll have my KH24.

I’m in, but I can’t make the 10th. Could we have another get together on the 24th, as well?

Re: Re: October 10th ride

Please do show up! Anyone who wants to join is welcome. This is a completely self-organizing activity.

Who ever shows up – is there.

I’ll be there on the 10th (This Sunday) Should be fun.


Hi Duane,

Is there a particular landmark in the park where we should meet? Like a parking lot, building, monument etc?



Perhaps I’m getting a head of myself, but if all goes well, maybe this could be a monthly thing? I have been aching for some people to ride with…

There are 2 parking lots at the park. The main lot, which is the largest has playground equipment on the right as you enter the parking lot area. From here, drive to the left and park in this large parking lot. I usually park at the far end of this lot. I hope that this makes sense.

I all for getting together monthly or more often.


I might be able to make it. What time should I be there. Also what uni(s) should i bring. (Trials,24x3,coker) What type of riding will we be doing

I would love to come and ride but I have a trials comp in CT that week end, if you guys plan another get together for the future I will try and make it, have fun sunday.


hey joey is it a uni trials comp or bike trials comp? interested because im also a CT resident fill me in with info if you can.

Monthly ride

A monthly ride would be great. Let’s see how many people show up this Sunday, and we’ll see what level of interest there is. I do think it is a very good idea.