boston uni get together

I suspect the type of riding depends on who shows up.

The ride is planed for 2 pm, this Sunday Oct 10th at Pope John Paul II park in Boston.

Link to park

We are meeting at Pope John Paul park at 2:00 on Sunday. The riding surface is black top. There are hills to ride up and down. I would say the Coker would probably be the best choice. I’ll be riding 24" Torker, but bringing my 20" in case any one wants to try it out. I will probably be leaving the Muni home.


excellent, this is what i wanted to see! i’m going to try my best to be there, hopefully i will.
does anyone else actually live in boston though? i mean there has to be more uni’s in this crazy town.

i hope to meet you guys there.

I was in Boston a couple weeks ago, riding on Commonwealth ave, and I ran into a guy who did muni. He said his website was I think. He’s probably on the forum, I don’t know


Which entrence is that; Gallivan Boulevard or Hallet Street? :thinking:

It is the Gallivan Boulevard entrance that you want.

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Ok, soon you will have your last chance to decide to do the Boston Uni ride at Pope John Paul II park - if you miss it you’l be sorry!:wink: :astonished:

The Gallivan Boulevard entrance, the main lot, which is the largest has playground equipment on the right as you enter the parking lot area. From here, drive to the left and park in this large parking lot. Park the far end of this lot. 2PM Sunday Oct 10. Nearest highway exits off of I-93 are exit 12 south or 11 north.

Did I get that all right?

HEY! if anyone reads this before they go, i need a ride! i’m only 3 miles from the park!! please call me. 312-593-8655
i’m the thread starter damnit! Bow down and be servile! ; )

You want a ride, and you’re 3 miles away? Ride the T, or (and here’s a novel idea) ride your unicycle. I’ll bet you never though of that.


The Boston Uni Get Together was a success.

Four riders attended:

One on One (24")
Broken08 (24")
Brian.Slater (Coker)
Marcvg (20")

Weather was great. Park had lots of paved bike/walkways along the Neponset River. Right of Rt 93 exit.

Anyone interested in getting together again?



BTW, I took a few photos. How do I get them into the gallery? Login didn’t work. Couldn’t see how to sign up.
What am I missing?

I’m in next time. Just say when

This ride was a great time. There were a lot of non unicyclist there that seemed to really enjoy watching us ride. Lots of smiles and a few questions. No clown jokes or where’s your other wheel questions.

For you trials guys, there are a few areas there, where you could have a pretty good time.

Thank-you to Brian Slater for letting me try out his Coker. I have put that on my “need to own” list. (Half on one, please take note)

Mark, let me know when you’d like to have our second get together.

broken08, we should be able to get you a ride to the park next time.