Boston Dynamics Robot

OK I know this is not a unicycle it has 2 wheels side by side. However it is interesting to watch how it balances by shifting weights.

It’s interesting to note that whether or not you’re sitting up straight and tall…or leaning forward and sticking your butt out (as with the robot), your center of gravity is still over the wheel(s).

That’s fascinating! They look like big-butted birds with octopus mouths. The big butt must act as a counterweight, adjusting to minimize wheel movement, perhaps. It’s interesting how they zoom backwards. Do they have a way of detecting obstacles behind them?

A very interesting concept and impressive controls.

But in all honesty: why make it so complicated for a logistics robot?

Slap on one or two extra wheels and a stationary counterweight.
Like a mini-forklift with their arm instead of forks.

Lower-tech for cost and reliability…

its not like unicycle vs bicycle :slight_smile:
In logistics the fun factor does not play a role.