"Bonjour" from France

Hi all !

My name is Simon.
I am french unicyclist, I started 5 and a half years ago.
I am fluent in french :p, but not really in english… I try to do my best ! (I pratice more unicycle than english… my biggest defect, I always insisted where I had facilities…:o)

Until now, I prefered french forums but I want to talk about freewheel unicycles and we are not many freewheelers in France.
I am training with freewheel unicycle since 1 year and for few months I commute with my 32" freewheel to improve my skills.
During the summer of 2015, I did a trip in France. I rode 2.200km with a G29.

My unicycles :
-G36/150mm for road and long distance
-G26/137mm (with 26x3 knard) for muni, short distance in town (great to ride on paving stones!)
-32" freewheel/125mm with HOPE tech 3 V4 brake (great brake!) (150mm cranks on this video)
-24" ISIS/125mm for basket/hockey/train some tricks like coast/wheel walk…
-24" freewheel/125mm (not mine, it’s a unicycle of my club “Rennes Monostars”), I learned some freewheel tricks with it.
-19" KH with leopard saddle, too beautiful to ride with.

Now I want to go downhill on mountain roads with 3.8 gear freewheel and I need to talk before.:smiley:

(my only real friend is google translate)

Better late than never!
Welcome to the wold of universal unicycling community!
I thought you were already there, surprised that you just registered.

Waaalrus is the man you want to talk with, few other freewheel unicyclists other there, at least more than from our french (and very quite) forum.

I didn’t need to register to read this forum ! :stuck_out_tongue:

It took me almost half an hour to answer the random question…:o

Like we answer in school in France : “a well balanced diet!”

lol I remember this question, I remember thinking “what the hell?!!”
But I don’t remember how it was formulated and what was the good answer.

Bonjour Simon !

Welcome! I ride 26" freewheel munu. There’s an interview with me in the last issue of French unicycle magazine Le Girafon Fédéré

Hi Dima! We met last summer in San Sebastien. I just asked you about the brand of your brake (shimano disc brake if I remember correctly).
In freewheeling, I think the brake quality is as important as the balance control.

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