check it out, Its just a bunch of video that I had, not really planned out at all, but I made a “movie” out of it, so there it is. It has something I have never seen before that is pretty cool.

noone was harmed in the making of this video, execpt myself.
haha ha ha ha

good “movie” man I like the clip of the monster rolling hop of the monster stair set, the video is almost as cool looking if not more cool looking than the pictures!

Hell yeah!!!

dude this blows your sponshorship video so far out of the water it’s not even comparable


SICK!!! Your Rolling hops are incredible!!!

nice vid! I wana learn to roll hop like that

thank you.
all of you guys :slight_smile:
i was wondering if anyone else has jumped a shopping cart or does rolling sidehops like when I gapped the sidewalk gap in the video? from what I can remember I havn’t seen anyone do them…

Wow, that was really cool. I am so jealous of your rolling hops. My favorite lines were the huge gap down the 4 set over the grass then the 11 set at the beach.

The one foot riding seemed a little out of place with the other huge stuff.

I think people have jumped shopping carts befor. and I’ve side rolling hoped under a meter does that count?

dude your freakin rollhops are like 20 feet!

i loved the 11 set with a tire grab:)

Really great! Amazing rolling hops!

I’ve definately seen many people hop carts

really nice video. Nice song also I used it in my last talent show thing that I was in.

Xav does the shopping cart thing.

Great vid!

ohh ok, awesome, i have just never seen a video of anyone jumping over them, just on them and spinning

I did the one foot riding because that is in basically ALL of my vids and I didn’t want to leave it out.

Will you please!! put the vid in the gallery or on youtube if you can.

Yeah id cut the 1f riding… its kind of a n00b trick that should only be used when going into a coast. You should learn how to glide… its really fun and you can get going pretty fast.

i can coast about 20m
i have done like 30 a time or two.

i can’t glide