Those hops are awesome!

Good flow, a definate improvement to your other vids. They were kinda crappy no offence. Massive roll-hops, but I was a bit disappointed about the meager side hops. None of those were 28" high. Uni-spins look smooth.


i suck at static stuff, but I was like 1" away from getting that picnic table rolling.

really good video, You have improve yourself really fast.

What was the song in the video? I liked it a lot

meant to live

and thanks again

nice shorts wearing weather, im so jealous. the -20 wind chills all of a sudden have kept me off of the wheel for at least a week. you really have improved, great job


hey mornisish asked the same question hmmm dfourm members like shwichfoot i take it hmm make that a noth to self

oh and btw lalala used to be my avatar caption;)

man!! You are so sick!! The roling hops was really big too! really impressive!
and the most impressive thing in your video was you doing all the big stuff without knee and shin guards!! :astonished: :astonished:

congratz! i really liked it! i hope someday i can rolling hop like that!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

lol thanks
i don’t mess up much on rolling hops(well, i don’t fall hard), the only time i bother with padding is when I am learning something or I don’t have it down well, doing things like that 11 set suck w/ a helmet because it bashes your head/chin on impact.

geez you really do have massive hops nice video

I do rolling side hops a fair bit, especially when I’m goign for height instead of distance, a lot of the guys I ride with do as well. I’ve never jumped over a shopping cart though, I have jumped over a wheelie bin if that counts…

dude put that in you r next vid. And who was that person at about 1:10 with the blonde hair?

I think its funny that you can coast but you decided to film riding 1 footed instead…


i just don’t have much of a video camera right now…the footage was all at least 2 weeks old when I made the video(in other words I couldn’t coast when I made the video. i still havn’t bothered sending it in(it broke under warranty).

his name is ryan, hes pretty good, but i don’t have much footage of him at all. my next video probably isn’t coming for a WHILE… maybe summer before i mess w/ it. Hopefully I can get enough footage of ryan to make a a collaboration video.

Jesus Christ dude, awesome.

lol, i know Jesus is awesome, i don’t know about the video though.

yer it was aight, after my friend sam saying something to me a while back and me watching a few vids on this website i feel the need to release a vid of my own… i will have to pull me finger out and get to it

some good hops etc and i think the 1 footing was good as it showed you could do more than hop… so dont let those other homies trick you into thinking your skill is un worthy of your own vid… its your vid and you can put whatever you want into it.

also i heard of this sponsorship vid…did you get sponsored? if so who by?

thats all for me


no i didn’t get sponsored, my sponsor video sucked, this one is ok, but i can still do better. the next one will definitely be BETTER