Bode Miller rides a unicycle

2004’s Overall World Cup ski champion Bode Miller trains on a uni in the off season. I finally found a (very short) video clip of him riding one. Go to
to view a trailer of a video he’s selling. The trailer is fairly lengthy but you might want to watch it nonetheless. Bode is an incredibly immature athlete with more talent than anyone else in the world of ski racing. He can’t open his mouth without inserting his foot but he’s a joy to watch when he’s on top of his game. I’m glad to see he appreciates the advantages of one-wheeling it.

Bode is the best skier i have ever seen, he should definatly try to stay away from the press though… someone mentioned that he rode a while back. Herman Maier does too I think…

I forget his name but the skiing guru (skiers will know who I am talking about, apparently hes the Kris Holm of skiing) strongly recommended unicycling as an offseason workout because it strongly benefits core strength, leg strength and balance (all big in skiing).

I reckon theres a lot of skier-unicyclists.

There are quite a few kris holms of skiing… which type of skiing are you talking about? Nordic? Alpine? Telemark?

I know nothing about skiing except for my previous post.

That’s chill, theres just too many Kris Holms of skiing to guess…

Alpine greats

I wasn’t aware that The Herminator rode a uni. Makes sense though. I think Daron Rahlves has logged some time on one. I’ve met him on a few occasions and will probably see him at Steamboat next winter. I’ll ask him.

I got into unicycling (after a long absence) to strengthen my quads for snowboard racing and obviously to help with my balance.

After unicycling, fencing is a breeze on my quads. I was keeping up with the ROTC boys in fencing club no problem. I got quite a kick out of that since I’m an almost over the hill mom!!

It’s possible you’re speaking of Andrew McLean, a gnarliest-of-the-gnarly ski mountaineer with many first descents to his credit. Here’s his website.. I have an excellent book he wrote, describing and rating all the chutes in the Wasatch Mtns. in Utah, called “The Chuting Gallery”

In that book there’s a quote to the effect of “It’s a real kick skiing a chute and passing technical ice climbers on their way up the same pitch”.

He was the subject,of this thread and also a poster in it under the user-name “Unified”.

Im actually writing a paper about how unicycling is the perfect training tool for skiing for my ski conditioning final and i could actually use some personal testimonies if you guys wouldnt mind. i started unicycling when i took up telemark skiing and my parents started getting annoyed at me complaining my thighs hurt after a day at the mountain. now i do it all the time, for fun and as the perfect exercise.

Hopefully Dave comes back in ehre. Hes a worldclass telemark skier, and sponsored by Kris Holm.

He would have a great insight about this.

Dave hasn’t been online in forever. Someone should call him.

I think lots of skiers unicycle to help there balance. I’ve definitely inproved this season at skiing, not sure how much unicycling helped though. I wasn’t unicycling last ski season.

And 2 of the ski instructors up at the mountain I ski at can unicycle, they learnt to help there balance. One of them used to be a top swiss racer. Pretty kool really.

Ingemar Stenmark (not sure if that’s spelled right) was written up in the USA’s Newsletter in the late 70s. The article includes pictures of Jack Halpern giving him a new unicycle, and him riding it. Not exactly a testimonial, but another famous skier.

I ski occasionally, but not well enough to provide a meaningful testimonial. All I know is that the two sports have a lot in common in terms of muscle groups used, as well as dynamic, or full-body balance and movement needed to maximize results.

Sweet. Lucky they’re my two favourite sports :sunglasses:

I seem to have always had good balance in sports, I think mostly due to unicycling at an early age.

MTBers were always amazed how I was able to stay upright and run out a crash off a bike. Skiing too, I have pulled off some amazing saves due to balance.

Unicycling this past season will definitely help more in the fitness department. I feel stronger going into the season this year than I have in the last couple.

Loveland opens in less than two weeks!!
Woo effin Hoo!!

To really good leg workout Bode should ride an UW instead of pushing that roller :roll_eyes:

My years of skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, & inline prob helped a tad mentally w/ learning to uni. Zero physical - it’d been years since I’d done any + the paralysis from breaking my back (thighs & core still work).