BMX Track on KH36

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BMX Track on a KH36 110mm Cranks.
It could have all ended at the start. I had a nice hold on the brake but somehow lost grip halfway down the start ramp.
Surprised myself to go with the fast crank speed.

First time I made it all the way to the finish line on a BMX track. Had one partial UPD (I baled off the back) on the second berm after video.

uploading to YouTube the resolution gets downgraded for some reason. I set to “higher resolution” setting but still no good.


That looks like a lot of fun!

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When you first upload YouTube will post a lower quality version and it takes a little time for the full resolution version to show up. It looks like it is full 1080p now.

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Nice! Lokks like a lot of fun.

Yes, really enjoyable!
The track was just built a couple of months ago.
Relocated for the construction of the new freeway to the new Western Sydney Airport which is due to open in 2026.

Real nice smooth asphalt.
For work I sometimes got to various construction sites, and after work is done, I go to any local Cycleway for a cycle before sun down.

Here is the “Pump Track” next to the BMX track.


This is an indoor bmx track in Pittsburgh Pa. There are several videos on YouTube showing unicycling there. This is a very large former factory with multiple levels. I used to ride there in the winter on a tamer section.


Looks like the pump track section in the cyclocross race of Unicon 20. The World Unicycle Calendar 2023 has an excellent picture of it, incidentally on this month’s page. There were not many 36" unis competing in that event because of the harder sections in the race


I don’t know it how the Cyclocross was at the Unicon, i also was onthe last Unicon but my health was so bad at the day at the cyclocross that I was stayed in Bed for this time.

But it looks very funny but I’d be too scared to do that with a 36" Wheel.

Hi thanks for your BMX and Pump Track videos, you have given me a few safe options to ride, my new unicycle away from the traffic and off the mountain bike tracks that I used to want to ride before a Brain injury.
Don’t worry, I have a good friend that runs a pump track and BMX sessions after school who has known me for many years and those all about my accident.
So I’m planning to contact her and go for a ride before she starts the sessions with the children.
Then I can have a nap in the car to let my brain recovery.
Enjoy life still.

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Nice work I remember doing one of these on a 29" during my first year of riding one. It was really hard and getting the courage to go down the starting ramp is intimidating. Even got a video of myself stacking it too. Doing it on a 36" is a great effort, I haven’t got the urge to try it on my 36’s. I’d have to put on some longer cranks if I were to try it.