BMW 2004 (whatever number that will be)

Well i just wanted to know if anyone has any proposeals for where to hold the BMW this year (UK)?

just that i was thinking of organising it down here in South Wales.
there is loads of Muni to do ranging from really easy to ‘stupidly’ hard.

the well know routes we could do are Afan Argoed (has 4 routes ranging from 13-40 miles!all of which are wkd )and Cwm Carn (not sure about how many routes but the one i did was awesome) but we could also venture up to the Brecon Beacons (about 40mins from afan) and ride there (could ride up Pen y Fan the biggest mountain in southern UK of 886m).

there are also many downhill tracks the the bi*ers use that are really good (which have some nice big drops in if ppl want to do more extreme stuff)

also when would it be?
i know its useually in mid sept, when could most ppl make it?

just a thought
let me know what you think


That sounds really good to me! The best dates for me would be the 18-19 of sept or 25-26 sept as a preferance for the whole year.

we would just need a campsite to meet up at!

cheers Toby

it’s usually either september/october or april/may. I organised it last year, so it ended up in October due to my lack of organisation (and also partly due to wanting to ride snowdon).

Don’t ask on the forum what dates are good for people, it’s a waste of time as everyone wants different dates. Look at the calendar on and then select a date that doesn’t have another event on it.

If you did it early in the year, then we could have two BMWs if someone was feeling like organising another one in september. Although the Brecons are supposed to be quite muddy, so maybe September would be best?

Sounds like a good idea as far as location goes. Personally I’d plan to do one day built trails and one day of naturalish trails, because just riding built trails could get a bit dull. It was definately a good combination at the last BMW.

Bear in mind at a bmw you have to cater for quite slow / beginnery people as well as good people. There are people who find 8 miles is quite a long distance to ride in a whole weekend and people who ride 30 miles plus both days.

All you do to organise it is find a campsite, post details on here, on Roger’s event calendar etc. We haven’t done any group bookings or stuff like that for BMWs before, it’s up to everyone to sort themselves out.

You’ve obviously ridden most of the rides you’re thinking of which is the most important thing. If possible when you’re planning, ride every route you’re thinking of suggesting just to check there’s nothing unexpected and so you can give a good description of what there is.


Cwm carn is a fantastic trail. ANd there is campsite and cafe just nicely at the start of the trail. The chaps we spoke to in the cafe said there was plenty of other riding in the area besides the built trail. For my money Cwn carn is a better trail than the Red Bull at CYB as its more consistant and more fun to ride. For those who want a short option there is always riding to the scuplture park and back…


At the last BMW ‘Cumbria Muni and Trials’ expressed an interest in organising it up their way. I don’t know if that is still the case. Brecon is certainly good for me :slight_smile:


Sounds good des, if you were to hold the first one in May us cumbrians could hold another in october. That would also make quite a range of South to north. What do people think?

BMW 2004/2

September would be better than October for The Lakes - more chance of getting settled weather!

If it is generally accepted as a good idea to have two - I am sure we could manage the second in September - 18th - 19th would be good. Dont expect any man made trails though - if you want those you had better go to Mabie/Dalbeatie etc.


It’s not a bad idea to have two BMW’s covering different parts of the country. At least there’s a good chance people making it to one of them. If there’s a BMW in the Lakes on 18/19 Sept then count me in!

Don’t forget it’s the Manchester Uni meet this Saturday, 21/2/04.
See you all there.


Can I put in a vote for the South Wales one being in MAy, but the not the first or last weeks. so either 8th-9th or 15th-16th or 23rd-24th, the earlyist of those might still be in low season for campsites.


Cwm Carn is great…

Afetr looking at the events list on walesmtb site, the weekend 15th-16th may is probadly best avoided as there is an endro event at Afan Argoed that weekend. It could be a little busy and bits of the forest closed off etc.


i cannot organise it if the BMW in s wales is going to be in may as that is exam period for me.

so if it were me organising it then it would have to be s wales in sept.


Afan argoed is better…

Would June be ok for you Des?
Would you have finished your exams by then?

I suppose I could do it if people want it in May. I’m new to South Wales but I could have a bit of a look round.

I’d say either swap the two round (do lakes in may, wales in sept) or move wales to be after des’ exams.

I think we would prefer september, mainly because it rains 90% of the time in May. After your exams Des?

yeah june would be good for me. maybe the first or second weekend. i will have a look at my calender.

well yeah it rains here too aaron!it is wales!!!

will you be coming (aaron)if its in june?

i will check calender and see which weekend in june i could do it.


I would defenately hope to be! Sounds good.
True I didn’t really think about the raining bit, Were you thinking of doing any high level routes? I wonder if it rains more in wales or Cumbria…


For what it’s worth I think Keswick has the slight edge (not that thats anything to be proud of!) although I cant remember the exact figures.


lets have a BMW2004/1 in JUNE in SOUTH WALES and a BMW2004/2 in SEPTEMBER in CUMBRIA - unless anyone has any reasonable objections or wishes to hold in elsewhere.

So far we have:

Simon R
Steve C

Is anyone else interested in coming?


i’ll be there if i can make it! cheers Toby

Me and Ric will try and make it, depends on june though, we have exams first week i think, possibly second aswell.

edit, i have exams second week, and one on the third week so, could prob do second weekend. unsure for ric.