BMW 2004 (whatever number that will be)

would like to make it

I’ve not really ventured into the world of Muni yet, but by the time it comes to these meets I should have a halfway decent Muni and had some time riding it. My job’s really flexible with time off etc. So hopefully should be there. It’ll be good to meet some other unicyclists and ride with them.
Cheers, Kit

With a bit of luck and a following wind should be able to make those two. June I’m working quite a bit but South Wales is not too far away.
The weekend 12-13 is the only one I’m not working at least on of saturday or sunday.
No work booked for september yet.
Oh the joys of self employment.


You can count me in, and I’m sure my brother won’t take too much persuading.

You never know, we might even try to turn up on time. That’d be a change! :slight_smile:


I’d love to be there, if possible, but being in Uganda from April until August puts pay to summer dates, and starting uni(versity) in September, even though it’s Aberystwyth, and would be perfect for Wales meets, might be unsuitable if it’s the first weekend of term or something. Another Snowdon meet in late October/November would be fantastic :slight_smile: Until then I’ll have to make do with today being the first real snow in the South West for two years, so I went out and followed people sledging down absurdly steep uneaven (which one can’t see in the snow) fields. Yay for snow!

  • Sam


Whatever date you decide on in September, it’s not going to suit everyone. That said, I can now only make it early or late that month (4/5 or 24/25 September). If you have options for a date that month, then hopefully these dates would be one of them. Don’t worry if they’re not though.

Redwelly (Sam),

We’ll be going to Snowdon again later this year. No dates as yet, but will keep everyone posted.


Thanks to everyone that came to the Manchester uni meet on Saturday. I’m pleased to say it was another great day. The trials equipment went down well and is something we’re going to be building on.


So yeovil to south wales via nottingham then? It’s only a little detour :slight_smile: But yes, he’s right. And Snowdon sounds like a plan too.


Re: BMW 2004 (whatever number that will be)

deadlydes wrote:
> yeah june would be good for me. maybe the first or second weekend. i
> will have a look at my calender.

Don’t forget the Solent Challenge is on 12th June. I’m surprised Des and
Gemma haven’t yet jumped at the chance of a 66 mile Coker ride (with
hills). :slight_smile:


Re: BMW 2004 (whatever number that will be)

steve.colligan wrote:
> We’ll be going to Snowdon again later this year. No dates as yet, but
> will keep everyone posted.

No dates? I beg to differ. :slight_smile:

Selly Oak Muni Club will be headed to Snowdon on Saturday 27th March,
2004 (weather permitting). All welcome.

Steve, I let you off not knowing about it being as the date was only
decided about an hour ago.



Put me down as a probable for both.

I’m in Athens from the end of June to the beginning of Septmber but should be able to make dates either side.
It’ll be great to get out to some ‘real’ mountains :slight_smile:


Well, I was going to suggest a similar manner as last time, but with that attitude you can walk!



Wendy’s working Sat 27th March. If I can get a baby sitter for the day then I’ll be there. It’s going to be a cold one!



we would love to do the solent challenge but we doubt we can raise the £100 each!

is anyone else doing it?

I hope to buy at Snowdon and BMW Wales and definately BMW cumbria!:wink:

After chating with my dad, Snowdon may be too early in the year, We think that if it was later on there might be a much higher chance of good weather and therefore depending on what the weather forecast is we may not come.

dare devel dvd

Does anyone have a copy of the dare devel DVD as it was not shown in my area.

My e-mail address is


So… are there any confirmed/almost finalised dates yet?

Hopefully I will make both of them (coursework/GCSE and dads work depending)



If the general consensus of opinion is for a second BMW in September - in the Lakes - then I would be happy to organise it.

I suggest a provisional date of 19th to 21st, but I understand this will not suit everyone. I will prepare some route cards/maps for at least two alternative routes ie a high and technical route, and a shorter intermediate route.

Aaron and I may produce some surprises for even the old lags!

Simon and Aaron

How about a poll to choose the date? I can’t make the 19th - 20th (first weekend of uni term next year), but others won’t be able to make other weekends, so a vote seems a nice way to do it. 'course I’m not organising it so feel free to ignore me.


sounds like a very good idea to me


A poll will only reach those who read this forum. Although rsu readers might represent an average view ie that we should have two BMW’s etc., it might not be an accurate indication of when the majority can attend.

We cannot please ALL of the unicyclists ALL of the time.