Black beauty pedals?

Anyone riding black beauty pedals? Cannot understand why there’s no review of them

I think most people spending that much money on pedals chose ones from bike parts manufacturers. They look like decent pedals, but at that pricepoint there is plenty of choice from brands that offer rebuild kits, replacement pins etc. for their pedals, and also have spent a lot more dedicated time into developing better pedals than Qu-ax can.


£105!!! That’ll be why there’s no reviews for them. Pedals are going to get smashed on a unicycle so I’d rather destroy cheaper ones than that.

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I have a strong suspicion these are a rebranded version of a bicycle pedal. They’re not something I could find on quax’s website, but on other websites they even make reference to a lighter titanium version. Somehow I doubt a unicycle company is going to spend the time and money coming up with a titanium shafted pedal. I’d be interested in seeing what the original costs.


They look a bit like some HT’s, but not quite.

They may be a marginally different design to anything else out there, but they’d be mad to not just go to a manufacturer and pick an off-the-shelf design and ask for minor changes and their branding. That’s what the vast majority of bike companies do anyway.

They look perhaps a little chunky on the axle - and as such slightly convex on the top/bottom rather than concave which won’t be for everyone.

Thank you. I checked DRM vault mg, and they seems even heavier than quax, that is why I was wondering

If you want light pedals from an experienced brand, you could consider these:

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Stupid question possibly, but do bike pedals also come in a left- and right-side pedal? Those titanium ones look very cool.

My personal issue with those would be the aggressiveness of the pins - to a level I’ve never found necessary for riding, just unnecessarily damaging to my shoes.

They come in right hand and left hand thread, to match your right hand and left hand threaded cranks. Same as on unicycles.

I thought the exact same thing.

With a decent set of pedals you can change the height of the pins to your wishes. So if you feel they are too grippy, just lower them accordingly.

It’s not the height, rather the small diameter that I have issue with as it very quickly pokes holes in soft soled shoes (5.10s), and being more pokey is less comfortable under foot with those moderately thin and flexible soles

It’s actually a combination of the two. I’ve got CB stamp 7 pedals (small diameter, with thread on them) and Nukeproof Horizon Pro (bigger diameter, no thread), and also Reverse Escape (also bigger diameter with no thread).
All seem to enjoy the taste of rubber a lot, but I felt the latter are worse for your shoes than the CB Stamp 7. Maybe it’s because those pins are a bit longer, but in the end it takes me only a few months to have a set of holes in my shoes. Therefore I’m now using ShoeGo to fill them up, which seems to extend the lifetime a little longer :wink:

Needing to Shoe Goo your shoes is definitely a level of commitment to pedals I’m not prepared to go to!

I always wear flat-soled shoes that certainly arent soft. I think it is nice to see the pins like that. Sure they will eat a bit deeper with a pedal bite, but that hasn’t happened to me in the last few years. For just riding and a bit of hopping the chance of slipping off the pedal is very small.

A bit more back on topic, the more I look at the Black Beauty pedals the more I think I might like them.

I don’t need any new pedals, but if they pop up when I do, maybe I’ll give them a go.

I also think it depends a lot on type of riding before pins start eating your shows. For me that certainly isn’t every few months. And using shoe Goo just so you can ride with fancy pedals seems silly to me :smiley:

It’s not about fancy (I don’t care about the looks), it’s more about the additional grip they offer, especially when performing certain trials moves (both on bike as well as on uni).
You can actually pull the pedals a lot easier with these pins, making certain moves more safe and easier to perform. sells black pearl pedals for 119 EUR. When looking at their other pedals, I noticed that the ones I use are just below 25 EUR. I doubt I will ever spend so much for pedals. The only damage I had at one moment with pedals, was with the threading in the crank when learning to ride backwards with my trials uni. I suppose with extra hard pedals the crank threading might more easily damage with wrong force applied?

yes ok I see what you mean. I’m too chicken to make such jumps, but having your feet slip off the pedals wouldn’t be a nice sight.