Black beauty pedals?

I’m a big fan of M4 set screws for pedals - the hollow socket tops grab really well, but don’t dig in as badly as smaller diameter pins. Even when they pack up with dirt, there’s enough of a hollow to stay grabby.
I bought a big bag of them on eBay and replaced the standard pins on a bunch of my pedals including Nimbus, Addict, and even screwed them into some plastic ones where they didn’t really fit. Anyway if you don’t like the standard pins it might be cheap and easy to change.

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What I’ve found I really don’t like about a lot of pedals is that they don’t support my whole foot. I’m using CB stamp7’s now and they do a good job of it. I think they’re 114mm wide, while these are 100mm. The platforms on these however stick out a bit from the cranks, whereas the stamp7’s are very close to the cranks, so these should have a lot of room for foot placement too.

All of these style aluminum pedals have a high price tag. I don’t think the price seems too outrageous. Check out some of the titanium models if you really want sticker shock.

CB stamp7 are on my list near hope F20.I just need to sell my magped before!

Hope F20 isn’t that great to be honest. I’m sure they look nice and are good to service, but the grip wasn’t very good. I’m running the CB Stamp7 Danny MacAskill pedals on my trials bike and they are so much better!

I’m still using these:

Adjustable cup and cone bearings and the large size is nice and large.

These pedals look nice but I don’t think there’s anything particularly great about them at the price point. Coming from the bike world I can tell you that these are a very common pedal design for mountain biking. They look identical to the HT Components AN14A pedal. And the HT version is cheaper. Or you could get the Welgo B185, even cheaper and still nearly identical. On the Black Beauty it looks like the spindle sits higher than the rest of the platform. I have no idea why that would be as it seems your foot would be more prone to slipping around in that position.

As others have said, I don’t see the need for such agressive traction, but you obviously do. And those threaded metal pins will grip the bottom of your shoe like an SPD cleat. No exaggeration.

What size shoe are you wearing? I’m a 13 wide and have the same problem. My shoes hit the cranks quite a bit. I’m thinking of trying some extenders that will move the pedal about 1/2 inch away from the crank.

My actual size is 10.5 EEEEE. What I usually wear is 11.5 or 12 wide.

Concerning pedal extenders, I’d advise spending a little extra and getting some good ones. I tried two of them before switching to larger pedals. The first ones were a cheapo brand from amazon and they lasted about a month before one of them snapped. The next pair were Ergotecs and cost about $35. They did not break however.

Ergotec Pedaal As Verlenger 9/16" 18mm - Zilver kopen bij HBS

I’m not using them anymore and they’ll probably just end up gathering dust. If you want I can ship them to you for $10. The ones depicted in the link are solid. The ones that arrived are not, but they are significantly thicker than the amazon models. They won’t be compatible with most pedals that don’t have flats on the spindle as the hole through the center of the extenders is smaller than the allen wrench size that most pedals use. So if you can tighten your pedals without an allen wrench they should work.

Some flatpedals come in different sizes now. (I know crankbrothers and spank offer different sizings, but I’m pretty sure some other manufacturers are also doing the same). Feels like the more logical (and safer) solution than pedal extenders to me.

Crankbrothers also offers longer spindles to push the pedals further out.

I was afraid of just that. I think I might go with a wider pedal or one with a longer spindle. That seems more solid.

That is definitely a better idea. I’ll have to look into crank brothers.

I actually tried the opposite of that. I left only one pin one each corner. I made it a bit easier to reposition my foot after mounting. But I think the length of the pins and the threads on them are what make them too grippy for my liking. I should see if I can screw the pins in further. I’m now using the Gates Slim pedal by Fixation. It’s molded nylon but the plastic pins are actually quite sharp and grippy.

I keep RaceFace Chesters on my 29er road/muni setup but on my 24 for just messing around with new tricks and whatnot I have the Fyxation Gates pedals and was surprised how good the pins are even though they are just plastic. Nowhere near as grippy as metal pins but you want to be able to slide around and position your foot a little easier for tricks anyways.