BIke Trials Event in VT wants good trials riders!!

I’ll be there.

YES! Lakes Region Represent! I really need to start practicing now, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah definitely, hopefully the KH trials unis will be back in stock soon so I’ll have something to ride. My trials uni is being sold.

flatland area and more…

Hey all,

We have secured area that will be quardoned off for anyone wanting to practice for impromtu freestyle/flatland. In fact, if someone is of the mind to self organize a comp for those skills that’s OK too.

Now for the usual bad news. Anyone riding around during the event will have to do the $25 registration/insurance fee bit. Sorry, I’m losing my butt in $ as it is, and can’t tell my 4 and 5 year old kids that I lost the house because I did not want to be covered.

The counter balance to those comments is… the resort is way cool, lots of area to MUNI and I would really love to see this develop into huge east coast jam for UNIs.

More questions, don’t hesitate to ask… I am getting pumped about this!

Worse comes to worse you can use mine for the competition.

$25 registration/insurance fee? Can’t I just promise to drive to Canada if I get hurt? :smiley: (I think I can swing the fee ;)) Glad to hear there’s plenty of muni areas, trials/flatland is fun, but I’m much better/more interested in muni… it was all those trees and dirt roads growing up.

Looks like we are doing the qualifiers for UNI starting at 10am (bikes will be afternoon). They will go as long as it takes. Number of participants will depend on how low (short) we start the each segment of the comp and how fast we move the pole/box. Top 6 riders will go on to be showcase comp at 6pm.

Since I got area for freestyle/flatland jam, anyone want to volunteer to run an adhoc jam-comp? Just for fun. Area for this will be available through the day.

Only a few weeks away. I can’t wait to finally put some faces to names!

…another tidbit just to satisfy those looking for all the details.

Each rider will have two shots at each height/length.

If your shop or other sponsors want exposure, this is it! Dirt Rag gets more than a few views to their website (video will be upload as final show comp goes on) and eyeballs in their magazine.

ahahah thanks for posting the link, it makes some publicity :roll_eyes:

I’ll ask vincent lemay if he want to go…


I was just coming to watch and take video but I did plan on doing a little riding. If I read the above correctly, the registration fee is mandatory even if you’re not competing?

That is what it seems like.

Sorry it read like that. Those competing and using the area for uni/bike flatland practice etc. will be required to register and pay the $25. If your just going to tool around I don’t see a problem with that. I would encourage as many as possible to enter and just give it a go, as I would really like to build this into something big and fun every year. Larger interests are watching to see how this goes…so the best foot forward this year means more possible input from the big names next year.

I really wish I could do this for free, but this day in age I can’t run that risk (nor can my wallet handle the entire insurance bill and such…witness my '93 Buick with 150K on it!..ha, ha, ha). Lawyers and insurance have driven us to this!


Thanks for the clarification, Tim.

You don’t want a 60 year old entering. You want to but the best face on the sport you can. If I can make it up there I would like observe the folks who really know what they’re doing. I’m sure I could learn a lot.

My skill set is limited to getting on the thing and riding (logged 9.3 miles tonight). Still in recovery mode from two broken ribs (ski racing accident in February) I probably shouldn’t get too adventurous but it would be nice to learn a few more skills.

I’m visiting my Mom in Boston at the beginning of August, I’m going to see if I can come a bit earlier and watch this:o:)

I PM’ed R. A. Maybee he can come, :roll_eyes: hopefully :roll_eyes:


So who’s going?

I’m flying in the day before, so If I can talk my Mom into taking the two hour and fourtyish minute drive, I’ll be there.

I know I’ll be there and evil-nick should be there as well. I can’t speak for anyone else though.

For the other people going, what unis are you bringing? Just trials or will there be muni and cokers? I’m trying to decide what to bring.

I will be there. I dont own a muni, so I wont be bringing one of them:( .

If my mom is willing to make the drive, you can borrow my DX, unless someone has a better Muni available.

Would you preffer 150 or 170 cranks?

Prolly the 150s, I havnt really used anything bigger than that ever, and the 150s I use now are on my 29er. So I would prolly have more luck not jumping right to 190’s. I dont know much about muni tho so whatever is recemended.

150’s for general use
170’s for knarly terrain, and make climbs easier, easier to control speed on desents, and some find easier to do trials like stuff. Also less tiring on steep, more on flat.

Edit: It’s got 150’s on it now, so I’ll leave them on.

count down to NUMEN

Cool, good to see a few of you coming out for this first NUMEN event!

Just a reminder there are also details at

Here is poster a friend of mine just whipped up, I like it!