BIke Trials Event in VT wants good trials riders!!

Hey everyone, I was approached to film a bike trials event which i will be unable to do due to previous engagements

He wants to really incorporate unicyclers into his bike trials event, but he is going to need some good riders, and several of them showing up in order to make it succesful. (3 mediocre riders will not show off uniycling to the bike public, if we want more media attention, good trials riders need to commit)

Here is info he sent me…

NUMEN 2007 at Killinton VT

Record Biketrial and Uni competition
In association with Dirt Rag Magazine, Granny Gear Productions and Killington Resort

Saturday July 28th
morning and afternoon qualifiers
5pm-6pm Record Biketrial comp final
6pm-7pm Record Uni comp final

Riders fling their cycles (and bodies!) toward creating records in Bunnyhop, gap, sidehop and up.

For $25 come on out and complete, hang and have a good time with us at the 24 Hours of Killington. Friday and Saturday evening group rides.

Real excuse as to why you can’t attend in person? Tune into Dirt Rag Magazines website ( ) on July 28th and watch the ground breaking event!

Directions to be found at Granny Gear website ( or Killington resort website ( Other detials soon to be revealed on NATS (North American Trials Series) website ( ).


Cool. Killington is less than 45 minutes from my VT condo.

Sorry you can’t make it, Brian. I’ll try to get up to watch and I’ll bring a camcorder.

Is going to be alot of fun. Someone to help organize Uni group ride on Friday and Saturday eve would be great. This event will really spread the word of Uni and Biketrial (each getting equal attention/exposure). Alot of video during and to follow event, not to mention follow up article in Dirt Rag Magazine.

Qulifiers will be in morning and afternoon (will have times for this finalized shortly). There will be qualifier for each catagory, the riders with the six best total scores will move on to the main feature that will run 6-7pm. This is how scoring for qualifier catagories will go:

1st place, 15 points
2nd place, 12 points
3rd place, 10 points
4th place, 8 points
5th place, 6 points
6th place, 5 points
7th place, 4 points
8th place, 3 points
9th place, 2 points
10th place, 1 point

This is going to be a good time to be had by all. Am working on getting an area for a fun flatland/freestyle type jam… would be cool, eh? So come on out and support exposure of the sport and show off your talent.

New England, NY, QC and ONT riders…

Calling anyone in the New England, New York, Quebec, Ontario region. This event is going to be live streamed onto Dirt Rag website (or worst case scenario just slight time delay…). We have some big people watching this event and how it comes off… but without any uni riders that portion of the program will have to be axed.

So, if you live in the area of NE USA or SE Canada and have a sponsor… I am sure they would like it if you attended. Did I metion there will be quicky interviews of riders and quick looks at your rides?..and follow up article in Dirt Rag Magazine! Not to mention… it is going to be a really good time!

Turn the computer off for that weedend and help uni get a little wider audience!

Just wanted to bump this to the top.

Anyone interested? Tim organizes some great events.

If not, any suggestions for Tim?


Looking forwad to going. Finaly a reason to go to killington and not have to drive through snow :).

Anyone that might be going and would like to share a motel or the likes. PM me.

I’d love to go, but I’m far from being a trials expert.

I still really don’t understand how the competition is run. Is this like a normal uni trials comp? How does it all work? If I got more info on how it will work I may try and see if I can get that weekend off.

Also what would be the easiest ways to get there? Bus? Flying? Driving?

That is what I would like to know as well, how is it all set up and what exactly will be going on?

I’m interested. I’d come to watch/learn the Trials, and sneak away for some Muni.

Ditto… If I don’t go to NAUCC, I might go there… which means I’ll prolly go there… Just to watch. And maybe muni :wink:

Create a Facebook group/event. It is disgusting how many people keep track of facebook in comparison to these forums. Also the more info the better.

If anyone has any decent french skills I would also recomend you post this info up on the Montreal website.

Are you going, Mr. H?

Probably not. But I think it will be a great event and I know Tim is receptive to any ideas.


Hey all,

Sorry better explanation was not given before.

Essentially, we are creating record setting event for both UNI and Biketrial. This year is the first year it will happen. I suspect, if we make a good showing of it, next year will be hosting some major names.

For this year, it will be setting record for:
Bunnyhop (highest you can get over highjump pole with a run up)
Sidehop (hightest you can get over highjump pole from static position)
Gap (two 4x4x4’ boxes moved at increments apart)
Up (box raised at increments)

Gap and up records will be to rubber (no toe/pedal hooks).

We want to produce it as proffessional as possible. Meaning there will be announcer and some short interviews with riders (anyone who knows more than me [not hard] about uni with good voice to volunteer to MC the UNI portion would be great). The clips will remain on the web for all to check out for along time after. There will also be after write up in Dirt Rag Magazine.

If there are more than 5-6 riders that show up, we will do qualifying competition in late morning. We need to narrow it down to that number so we can keep to tight one hour dead line for the headliner event (want to keep it fast, tight and interesting for viewers).

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A TRIALS UNI RIDER. I have seen many riders who go big in these skills that were not trials riders per se. Anyone that can bunnyhop or do a gap is encouraged to come out. The more riders, the bigger the jam rides…well, the more fun! I am working on getting parking lot area set aside for fun jam/freestyle/flatland scene.

Sorry about the long e-mail, but this should be really cool event… with an eye to making it THE record setting event annually.


Any other questions?

I guess I’m in, provided no one minds me looking like a complete poseur (great thing #42 about uni: You can’t fake it ;)) I’m outta practice, but that means I have an excuse to go practice now :wink:

Hey will,
I am defenetly going to be there, cant say my trials riding is top notch but I will give a go, atleast try and break my own records.

So whats the current plan on some sort of flatland area for street and freestyle? Some games of UNI(horse) if there are enough of us would be fun.

Still am looking to carpool/spilt a hotel room…anyone?


Has anyone heard from the Steven’s brother who live here in Maine? They are pretty great trials riders and Killington’s only about 3 - 4 hours away.

I’ll give a shout on AIM.