Biggest Stair

What is the biggest stair anyone have jumped ?


7 or 8 but it would be more interesting to see the biggest number rolling hopped i can only manage nice sized 5 sets ona a good day

i think the longest rolling hop is 2.5 something…

and kevin mcmullin have jumped an 10 set stair.


Rolling hop down a 7 stair is my biggest so far…but I want to go bigger :smiley:

my biggest is 6 or 7, though very soon is going to be bigger =)

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Do you mean up,down,or either one?
Iv only gone down 5:( but thats because there arnt many stairs around here.:frowning:

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mean down, all right… :smiley:

where do you live btw?

good luck with the stairs.


ive jumped a 10 like he said. i know theres people who have done more. dan heaton has done 13 i believe. ive tried 12, but couldnt do it. i’ll try 12 again sometime soon. thats what i know of


ive done 6 on my kh24, i reckon i could get 1 or 2 more on a trials


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I live in Montana,U.S.A,sorta out in the country.The closest stairs are at least 15 miles away in the next town. the only stairs in my “town” are only like 3 or 4.

I have ridden down a 1 stair, and rolling hopped up a 1 stair. I hope everyone is impressed :roll_eyes:

I think to the most I have done is 5 or 6, But there are variables with stairs. Depending on how long and how high each step is affects the difficult of the stairs.

Heh, that’s what we call a ‘curb.’ ( :
You’ll get better soon, though.

For some reason, I can static hop stairsets a lot better than I can rolling hop them. I’ve static hopped six, and rolling hopped five, but I knicked the bottom step.

Iv landed a 11 set. But there was a nice slope at the end.


ive done an 11.

nice sized stairs

rolling hop and static hop?
i get jumping, that’s just like a drop but u move forward a bit to clear the stairs, and u can roll down stairs lol, but what’s a rolling hop and a static hop?

A rolling hop is hopping while you’re riding, so your momentum carries you forward more.
A static hop is just hopping in place. So to static hop down a stairset, I just hop in place at the top, then do one big hop down them.

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I jumped off a stair that must’ve been three feet tall… who walks up three foot tall stairs? I dunno, but they made one downtown and I jumped off it. Beat that!

13 set ? thats sick, doesnt dan doerksen jump like 11-13 sets in u2 ? just wondring… Peace


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now thats a big stair. you sure it was a stair? usually you need like more than one to class them as even 2 one stairs. other wise its a step. or curb