Biggest miles in one go

Walk? Are you mad? I unicycle, of course!

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I can’t ever recall having to actually convert a mile into feet or yards. We refer to half miles or quarter miles instead.

A mile is approximately 1.6 km and a km is approximately 0.6 miles, so the conversion factor is pretty simple. I convert between miles and kilometers all the time.

Neither system is particularly complicated, but I must say I do prefer metric wrenches and fasteners. It’s just so much more intuitive that a 17mm is bigger than a 16mm than an 11/16 vs a 5/8.

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Typically with wrenches mine are in the box they came in, and therefore in order. :grin: It isn’t that hard to figure it out, but metric sure is easier. Metric also works so much nicer if you need to do any math since it can be described with decimals easily.

Yeah, there is a good reason the scientific community went metric right away and the technical community wasn’t far behind.

My longest ride is 50km (or 30 miles for you strange americans). It took three jours, but it won’t be the longest one for long. Right now there is a lot of wind, but as soon as it stops, I’ll go for at least 60.


Plus us strange Brits


Yes if course

Yesterday I did 20.5 miles around Prague on my 24". Could barely move in the evening. I don’t think I’ll try something like that anytime soon.


Thats a lot on a 24”! :+1:t3:

I often don’t count the distance, but time in the saddle. How far you go in 45 minutes is all relevant to the size of the wheel.

Last sunday, I did 74 km (46 miles) on my 29er.
And the first 50 km (31 miles) were without putting my foot on the floor.

I did it in 4h30, with a 20 minutes break.


Did 8.25 miles (~13.25 km) on my 29" in exactly an hour just this morning! (That’s the most I’ve managed in one day since I’ve never found the time to ride for an hour in a single day before!)

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Congrats on all of you “long haulers”. As well as your mileage, what I really want to know is what type of saddle do you have on the unicycle. Also, I am assuming everyone is wearing bike pants. I ride for at least 2-3 hrs on my 24" muni, but my seat will only tolerate about an hour. I use a KH free ride, which is very cushy but is “wider” than most seats so that causes friction in the long run.

I believe there is a trade off between seat width and seat cushion/hardness. Also, the ability to tolerate seat hardness is something you have to “train for” with gradual repetition. I’m curious if anyone can recommend a good seat that works great from the start.

I don’t think seat hardness is the problem, but rather how it contacts your sit bones and soft tissue. On a bicycle, I prefer a hard leather saddle with springs. A spongy, soft saddle feels more comfortable at first, but it’s pushing against all sorts of soft tissue that it shouldn’t be and after several miles it’s far more uncomfortable than a harder saddle that supports your sit bones.

The posture of riding on a unicycle and the way that the saddle is used to control the unicycle makes it much harder to have a truly ergonomic unicycle saddle. Just the nature of unicycle saddles means they tend to push against your crotch, which is exactly where they shouldn’t be pushing.

I’ve been wondering how well a noseless saddle with an upturned mad4one style handle and vertical extensions down the sides would work. That would take pressure off your perineum, but still allow you to control it with your thighs and hands.

Everyone is different. I have did a 100 mile day on a UDC Club saddle with just light weight cargo pants, no padded shorts with absolutely no problem. I normally take a minute or two break about every 15 or 20 minutes or standup and peddle for a few revolutions every so often.

Even an hour is a long time on a uni saddle

M4O handle saddle almost oblige rider to share weight on the hand on the bar, so sitting is easier. KH fusion zero, KH fusion one and Qax Eleven are very firm and flat so are also great for a long ride. Paired with a good handle bar are worth every money (but weight more than M4O)

100 miles on a unicycle with cargo pants?
You have “iron” body parts.
You cannot contribute useful information to us “mortals”.
Unless, there was a special training regimen that we can try to follow.

I think the key is to find a saddle that fits and to have is adjusted correctly. Not any one saddle will work for all and try to make one work with padded shorts is not the answer. My saddle is adjusted with the front relatively high and that puts most of the weight on my sit bones.

With the saddle that came on my Coker I could make about 1/2 mile, padded shorts or not and I said that was enough. Same thing with a Stadium saddle, it just does not fit me. Some others seem to be not bad for me, like the Freeride.

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Saddle comfort is by far my largest inhibitor to longer rides. I don’t go very far without cycle shorts for a couple of reasons such as sit bone padding and hmmm, keeping things in place, but they are also part of the problem. The padding fills the saddle cut out and so puts pressure back onto the perineum, which is what causes my discomfort. Cycle shorts, can’t ride with, can’t ride without.