Biggest miles in one go

I managed 11 miles on my 26” unicycle today, so far it’s my largest ride on one wheel and took me around 2 hrs, on reasonably flat paths.

What the biggest miles folks on this forum have managed in one day?

Well, Ed Pratt once did 120+ miles in one day on his Oracle 36", but I’m not Ed Pratt and I don’t have a 36" :slight_smile:
This wasn’t an attempt at a distance record for myself, it was just a ride for fun and I wasn’t going super fast. I did 19 miles (also on a 26), took about 5 hours because we went slowly with a couple stops for food :smile: I have to say, after that amount of time I was thinking that the stock Club saddle must be one of the most uncomfortable saddles out there, especially when compared with the old Miyata saddle I have on my 24", which is actually pretty nice.

I don’t speak German either, but this young lady broke a record during Covid lockdown by riding more than 33km in one hour…


The record is currently held by Sam Wakeling with 453.8km (~281 miles) in one day! Look at the IUF World Record webpage for reference.

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That would be great to have some subtitles for this video. Could a German-speaking person help us, please? :innocent:

I’m not equal at all to actually transcribing it, they’re speaking so fast :smiley:
However, the thumbnail says:
“Fastest Female Unicyclist” (This could mean either a female record or just the fact that she’s a female. In this case, it’s the latter).
The title is: “World-record for Unicyclist Jana Tenambergen”

The description goes something like this (with my bad translation):
“Unicyclist Jana Tanambergen from Wittnau, Freiburg, has set a new speed record. In one hour, she travelled 33.293 kilometers. This means she beat the previous record for both men and women, by one kilometer. The record was set on the Segula Track near Rodgau-Nieder-Roden in Hessen. The track was a loop of 4.8 kilometres, which is a typical length for motor vehicle test tracks. Jana Tanambergen will hold the world record with Guinness World Records once the run has been officially reviewed.”

I know it’s not what you asked for, I was pretty much just happy for an opportunity to test my German :smile:


In youtube you can slow the video down with “<” or speed up with “>”.

That’s a mighty impressive show of speed there on that video.

My max on my old 26" and my current 29" would be about 18kms (up and down the same mountain). Though there was a lot of uphill walking involved.

All downhill, in one go on my 29", is about 16kms.

On my 36" I’m gonna say about say about 30kms cross country all in one go.

…and just today, 3kms of fat bike trails on my 29"!

I’ve never checked what I could do in an hour but should be around 13 miles (21 km) on my 36er. My longest single day has been 100 miles (161 km) in one full day.

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Yes, but people on half speed sound a lot different than people on regular speed, even if the words are coming out the same :slight_smile: You’d get a lot of slurs, and also the faster you talk, the more likely you’ll have a lot of slang mixed in, which I can’t do.

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My personal record is 101 miles, my one and only century ride so far.

My first really long ride was in a March of Dimes “Rideathon” charity ride in 1980. That was about 75km, and Bradley Bradley and I did it on geared-up Schwinn Giraffes.

My longest distance without a dismount was the Marathon race at Unicon XIV in Denmark (26.2 miles). My crotch still hasn’t forgiven me for that one, but it may be the fastest Marathon time I ever manage.

This year I did a non-stop hour race ride, where I managed 14.958 miles. Been riding mostly Road these past few years, and this year we’ve spend more time out there racking up the miles!

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My longest distance in one hour is probably the one I set during the marathon in the 2018 French Unicycling Cup. A bit more than 26km (≈16 miles) on an ungeared 36er.

My longest ride in a day is 95km (≈ 59 miles) on my new G36. I could have done more but I was arrived were I had to go :upside_down_face:

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This is an interesting. When myself and Sam attempted the 100km record we were told that Guinness World of Records would not accept any unicycle records that used gearboxes. Hence they would not accept Sam’s record in 2015.

Unfortunately Guinness are a book publisher and are fickle on their rules, they want a good story. I proposed that the IUF become the accrediting body for Guinness to prevent situations like this and gain some consistency, but this did not get passed by the world records group.

Jana’s record is amazing and well deserves to be acknowledged by the wider world.


My longest distance was 314km on a tartan-track in Pocking Germany in 24h on my G29.
Next time i would try with a G36. I hope there will be the race in Pocking next year again.

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Sounds like the women are particularly amazing in long distance this year! Another amazing record was the 100Km which Mirjam broke in 3 hours and 45mn - she held the previous record too!

There is a video of it but can’t find it now.

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Many years ago, when I had a Coker “Big One” 36-er with a Coker button-tread tyre, 150 mm cranks, Viscount saddle and no handle (those were the days) I once managed 12.95 miles in exactly an hour. That’s 20.83 Km.

These days, I rarely hit the speeds I used to average.

I average 18-19km/h with 125 cranks. I’m gonna try 110mm soon. Hope I won’t have too much trouble mounting or going uphill.

You will not necessarily find that shorter cranks result in faster average speeds, especially on a big wheel. They usually result in faster peak speeds, but whenever you need to slow down or speed up, the extra effort involved can result in lost time. The best length of cranks for average speed is the length you feel confident with, rather than the length you can just about get away with.