Big uni for international travel

I need some thoughts from other uni riders about taking large uni (29", 32") overseas. My friends and family are discouraging me from taking uni to crowded cities in Asia(Korea, Japan,etc). Should I leave my large uni home as they advise? I fear regret if I don’t take it but might be too much burden in luggage and securing it. My plane leaves in 3 days.

I picked up a guy at the airport who flew in from Japan with a 36’r, plus enough gear to ride from Los Angeles to Florida. He had it all in a big bag. So it works, it’s just not real easy. If you want to do it, do it! (I think you can get the bag from UDC.) Good luck!

If you had more time I would suggest you experiment with cutting your rim into three pieces and get really good at re-building it in airport lobbies and hotel rooms.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds and makes a 36 pack smaller than a 20 :).

I checked the timestamp on your post and it was not from April 1st.

So, uh, what the hell? :thinking:

Thats saskatchewanian, so now not only the franken-tires, but also franken-rims. But still WOW.

And getting back to OP. My 27,5 is not that big as 29/32, but still quite bulky. But I was happy to have it with me when I was in Seoul last autumn. Streets were not very friendly to ride, but quite a lot of bike paths and smaller streets offered a great ride.

An IKEA unicycle?:wink:

You know I don’t joke about these kind of things. I thought I had documented it more on here but apparently was a bit lax on my posting. Sold the wheel in 2014.

In the post your projects thread:

For sale thread:

It had worked very well, and I would do it again without question. The only thing I would do differently next time is to start my initial cut from the outside of the rim to keep the kerf even and avoid pinching the blade of the hack saw.

Apparently there is a video somewhere of me talking about it, probably from when I was in Uzbekistan. After some practice, and if I dropped the spoke count to 24 like I had in New Zealand, time for re-assembly with disk brakes was down to about an hour.

I will be going to Thailand on Thursday to stay a couple of weeks with my wife and her family. Have been there a few times now and the roads are so crowded, that I don’t even want to drive there. Besides riding with 30+ degrees isn’t everything either. I will ride again after 2 weeks when I get to the Netherlands again. At least here there are many cycle paths and forest roads where cars aren’t allowed. I will prolly start dreaming of riding uni by the end of those 2 weeks, as usual.


In the post your projects thread:! I am missing out by seldom reading outside the main Discussion thread… I’m amazed that the wheel is so laterally rigid. I guess being a wide rim helps. I don’t think I’d want to try that with a Muni on an international trip; maybe if I did a bunch of testing at home first.

No. Then it would have to be made out of particle board.

My unicycle (and my other checked luggage) went to Thailand once. I went to Hong Kong. It caught up with me about 24 hours later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wishing that doesn’t happen to you! While I can’t comment on traffic in Thailand, I went to Bali once for a show, and they have some really narrow, busy streets there! It would be a challenge to ride there and get anywhere quickly.