'Bidston Hill' muni time trial weekend 1st - 3rd Sepetember (UK)

On saturday morning 9th of september, i will be holding a friendly muni time trial competition.

Bidston Hill is 100 acres of heathland and woodland that contains historic buildings and mysterious rock carvings. It is on the Wirral Peninsula at the edge of the town of Birkenhead. With a peak of 231 feet, Bidston Hill is one of the highest points on the Wirral. The land was bought by Lord Vyner around 1900 for use by the public.

The route (yet to be decided) will be 2 laps roughly around 5 miles long total, with a range of terrain including some drops. Prize I’ll think up summat ;).

I have secured camping on the grounds of bidston hall (listed building).
£3 - 2 person tent. £5 3+ person tent.

This includes staying Friday and Saturday night. There is a clean toilet and sink, and limited parking.

Friday evening will be a ride down the coast.
Saturday evening will be a BBQ, just bring a bottle.
Sunday will be a choice of the wirral way 12miles, or some street trials on the prom.

I need to have a rough number of how many are coming by the end of June, the person renting the field would like to know.

If enough ppl sign up I might be worth booking a hall for some hockey.

Roger from UDC is interested in attending and as no one has shown interest as of yet. Roger has made a great effort to secure knobbly tires for cokers :smiley: which sorts out my dilema.

I’m therefore going to move the date a weekend forward so that it don’t clash with his calendar.

Now 1st - 3rd September.

Sounds good! Depending on money situation and travel arrangments (hopefully will be driving by then) me and Jo might be coming along. Would be a good excuse to visit you and Ivan again! Keep us posted!

Rock on!

I have shown an interest, just not on this thread.

I think we’ll be back from Turkey by then.


me too, should be back from my seafaring voyage by then

Possibly, subject to Morris commitments.

Will there be herons?:wink:

No. Frogs.

(And how exciting, I’ve made a signature thingy.)


might be able to do sunday- do you have directions from a nearby trainstation?

liverpool, and it’s a 10min tube ride to bidston on the west kirby train.

Will it be ok to bring the trailer tent?

Also, the BBQ sounds perfect for some fire play. Anyone else interested?


no soz, only tents tents :frowning: no access for trailers it’s a pasture field.

It was well to hot and sunny :sunglasses: to finish working out a route today, but I’ve got ½ of the route worked out. It looks like it’s turning out to be a longer route than i expected, which is good :smiley:

I will post a map of the route when i have completed it. :roll_eyes:

Ok here is a rough drawing of the route for the event.

There will be;
rock paths
pine cones

OOOOOOOOO! Pinecones!

Never ridden on them before!

Rock on!

With the date changed I can definitely make it now, really looking forward to the varied technical terrain!


i shall most likely come along, seems ive been roped into coming testing it out sometime soon aswell :roll_eyes:

Sounds like a plan, i will no doubt be doubling up on transport (and possibly tent) with loose. Would be up for some fire juggling if anyone (Cath) is interested one evening.

I’d think it’s because, atleast subconciously, you’re scared. No shame in that, it’s a natural reaction to want to keep fire away from you. Try with just one club lit, so you can keep your eye on it and get used to having it near to you. What fuel are you using? Using white spirirt instead of paraffin gives smaller, more steady flames, that helped when I was learning. It is surprisingly hard to burn yourself with fire clubs, i’ve been hit in the chest many times while practising pasing with lit clubs with no ill effects.

I’d agree with that. I think fire clubs are so scary that I have resisted all attempts at persuading me to juggle them, despite having been a juggler for over 10 years (although not a particularly good one). I’m scared of the fire poi and swinging clubs too, which is why I wont do them on my own, but it’s kind of exilerating to swing fire with someone else.