Bicycle seat on a uni

I tried searching, but couldn’t find anything.

I’m sure someone out there has done it, so…Anyone have any input of riding a uni with a standard bicycle seat attached? I’ve read various threads on why the unicycle seat is shaped the way it is, turning and what not. But I’m not convinced, I think a bike seat would work fine for normal riding.

So, anybody have any experience?

a friend had a bicycle seat on their unicycle, but it wasn’t very comfortable and you slid off it unless you get the angle just right

Your better off gettting a unicycle saddle - I mean you wouldn’t think of fitting a unicycle seat to a bike


I have a unicycle saddle on my uni, I was just thinking about it. For longer distances with just straight road riding. It seems relatively easy to set up the right angles and what not.

And actually…now that you mention it. It’d be pretty cool to put a uni seat on a bicycle (at the right angle) and then pop wheelies all day long… :slight_smile:

There are a few Downhill Mountain bike seats that I’ve seen and thought about putting on a uni.

The Tioga downhill saddle comes to mind.

I know there were some riders at Moab who used modified bike seats, but personally I have never tried any of them.

There is a long way to go in Unicycle seat shape, the more I ride the more I like a seat that isn’t too wide and one that is firm, but not hard. But I think you’ll find that this is not the case for most riders.

I think for distance a flatter seat is a good thing. Especially with GB4 type handles that will keep you from coming off the front. I think Scott Wallis is onto something that’s getting pretty close to a great distance seat. I haven’t tried one yet. Does anyone who has have any reviews?


There has been plenty of experience with bike seats on unicycles, starting from the 1870s and mostly ending when decent, proper unicycle seats came along. My Langenberg “indoor” 26" unicycle (for artistic bike-style riding) came with a high-end Ideale leather bike saddle from France. OWWW! And the thought of walking the wheel with such a seat was enough to make me cringe. I eventually sold the seat to someone who was into road biking and could appreciate it.

Unicycle seats are made for unicycling and, in general, are much better suited to the task. The main reason why unicycle seats are less comfortable than bike seats are the pelvic angle you have on a unicycle, and the fact that most (or all) of your weight is on the seat. I think that, even with the larger resources of the bicycle market working on the problem (which it mostly never does), finding an ideal solution will not be easy. The KH/Velo saddle is probably the best thing to ever happen in the world of unicycle seats. Not just the initial comfort, but the steady pace of improvements Kris and Velo have made since introducing it.

But I have seen some bicycle seats working well on unicycles. The best examples I can think of are when you have a good handlebar setup on a road uni. If you can get some of your weight off the seat, along with a more forward-leaning position like you would have on a bike, a bike seat makes a ton more sense. Someday I may have such a setup on my Coker…

Yeah, that pretty much looks like a bike seat. I was just curious really. Kinda thinking about maybe fabbing something up, and wanted to know experiences first.


I’d love to buy one, but Scott didn’t seem too interested in selling them.:frowning: Not sure if he is selling them now, because I haven’t tried to get back in touch after our initial volley of e-mails. When we were e-mailing it seemed like he was months away from having a product to sell. So he may have them now.

When I built my giraffe, I didn’t have a uni seat handy so I used a banana seat from an old schwinn, that was a very bad idea, I fell six feet very fast and promptly scrapped an old uni for it’s seat. My experiences with bike seats on unis has not been very good, but that may just be because it was on a giraffe…

Actually, I think it a very good practice to try something new and unproven on the biggest and potentially dangerousEST of apparati.


My vintage 1959 uni has a proper leather bicycle seat and is virtually unrideable. The triangular shape of a pike seat pushes you forwards and you constantly feel like you’re going to slip off the front. Also, you need a handle or front bumper on a seat to ride on anything approaching difficult terrain.

Of all my seats, I still find the basic Miyata most comfortable, because it’s narrow. What you wear and how you sit make as much difference as the seat.

I get discomfort after 5 - 10 miles riding on the flat without a break. That seems reasonable to me, given that unicycling is inherently impractical and that is part of its charm.

I’m pretty sure he has them available now. But ouch the $$

ps - I’m not saying they’re not worth it!

At the time, money wasn’t an issue. Timing is everything. If he has any at NAUCC, I may be comming home with a new saddle for my Coker. I’ll have to be sure to carry some extra cash. I hate the idea of telling my wife I paid $400+ for a unicycle seat.:smiley: But seriously isn’t your a$$ worth it.

Yes it is. But I want to hear a few rave reviews before I shell out for one.

I remeber seeing a 12" uni here that was tiny( the size of a bottle of beer) and had I bike seat cant remember who posted it

if you’ve got a seat lying around, why not just try it? often the best way to do things is to try them yourself - I agree with all the advice here, but trying your own ideas out could lead to something good… (or a total flop, but you’ll learn from it!)

edit - I met a very nice gentleman in his early 60’s at CFM, riding a 1960’s unicycle with a 1960’s leather saddle. I wouldn’t have called it comfy, but he had no problems doing the 10K on it.

soem people at MOAB had them

you could put a bike seat on a standard steel unicycle seat if you did it the owen downes way.

i.e weld it on.

has anyone used a bike seat for cokering?