Bicycle Saddle Adapter?


I am interested in knowing if anyone has used or knows where to buy a bicycle saddle adapter that will allow us to run a standard MTB post or standard bicycle style seat pillar with a uni saddle (4 bolt)?

Any feedback is appreciated.


UDC UK has a saddle adapter on their website but it says out of stock. There might be other places with them, but I haven’t checked. That is for a straight seatpost. If you are looking to use a seatpost that already has the clamps for the rails on it and want to mount a uni saddle then you will need something else.

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Could I ask why you would prefer that over standard of ajustable unicycle post?

I am looking at possibly running a short travel dropper post which they only make for MTB platforms.

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Please excuse my ignorance but what is a travel dropper post?

Basically you can drop your seat post and raise it on the fly as you ride.

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That seems pretty cool.

Hi Nathan,

Your project is interesting and until now, it has only been discussed on a theoretical basis (mainly concerns with lateral forces not playing well on the internals of the dropper post).

The main challenge you are facing is that the most common part you are looking for is the KH rail adapter but it has been discontinued for years now so either you are very lucky and find a new-old stock somewhere or you need to find it used (I have see in partbin posts time and again).

If you are adventurous, you could use a donor b*ke saddle for the rails and solder a slightly curved plate to it. I tried to find a pic of the adaptor above but image search was not conclusive and only had a low-res one. Maybe you will find better pics here on the forum in the parts for sale posts or even other older discussions.

Please start a review thread once you tested a dropper as plenty of people are curious about it :wink:


I would check the trading post and maybe post a wanted add. If this is still available it may fit your needs: Parts for sale Magura HS33, Seat/post, handle/starfighter –KH ISIS cranks

Just an FYI, this is still available. Thank you for the bump UniBeetle!

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I appreciate the link! i will reply on the thread with a few questions.

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Hey slamdance,

Yes, i have not seen a dropper post uni yet. The challenge has been finding a small enough travel post that makes sense for our application but from my experience riding muni and a mix of DH and enduro being able to drop down during technical climbs and downhill sections provides a lot more control while riding at your optimal position on flat or slight inclines really would save your quads and relieve some fatigue. I think it has promise but i wont know till i build it and try it out.

I ride my Hatchet in Michigan and Virginia (where i live and where im from). As i stated above i only ride muni right now cause thats what i prefer. I ride a mix of downhill and enduro probably an equal amount of each. I built the Hatchet because i wanted to run a fat tire and compare that to my previous Nimbus 26 on a 26x3.0" tire. My hope was to run lower pressure for grip, better damping characteristics, and less bounce over larger roots and rocks and stuff (roll over stuff easier without bottoming out). So far i have enjoyed the tire with some noticeable trade offs from my Nimbus 26. I just recently converted to a 24x4" 120TPI tubeless setup which has really helped to reduce those tradeoffs of a fat tire. Riding this setup now.

I am not sure about the “sluggish tank like” riding term but im assuming the added weight and rolling resistance of a fat tire has a lot to do with that feel and less to do with the hatchet frame itself. Curious to hear your thoughts tho.

Transitioning from seated to sif and back is not that hard. If you can already ride sif you’ve accomplished the hard part.

Hopping sif is the next hurdle for me. I can only do it when I start using a support. I’m not stable enough to just stop riding and start hopping.

What about adapters to help simplify the seat installation process? Maybe you can’t find them in stores, but you can do it yourself.